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How to create a Mini Bounty on DoraHacks?

How to create a Mini Bounty on DoraHacks?

Step 0: Getting Ready to Publish

  1. In order to publish a Mini Bounty, you will need to have a Keplr Wallet and enough $DORA (≥0.1) to cover the cost.
Currently, Mini Bounty only supported by the Dora Vota network.

2. When creating a Mini Bounty, be sure to select the appropriate organization it belongs to. If there is no existing organization, simply click the "+" symbol in the upper right corner of the page to create one.

Step.1 Go to Mini Bounty Page

Go to Mini Bounty Page and click "Create Mini Bounty" Botton to create a bounty (login needed).

Step 2: Complete Mini Bounty Information

1. Fill in the table information as needed.

a. You can add more details (like type, title, bounty requirements, skills needed etc.) in this form.

b. For “Key works” section, please give reference to all the skills developers need to complete the bounty, for their convenience to find best-fit bounties.

c. In the "Task" section, you can define one or more tasks and include links (optional)

2. Select the organization to publish the Mini Bounty, fill in the contact information, and set the duration, reward amount, and number of winners for the Mini Bounty.

*Bounty duration is recommended to be at least 90 days for developers to build. If the bounty finds no suitable hunter after the estimated end time, you can prolong the bounty duration or terminate the bounty.

Step 3: Complete Payment and Publish

To successfully publish, please connect your Keplr Wallet, click on "Publish", and pay the specified reward amount in $DORA.

The prizes will be reserved for the bounty until the bounty is finished or terminated by the bouty publisher.

Step 4: Verify the Claim Status of the Mini Bounty

Navigate to the Mini Bounty details page and click on "Archive" to check the status of the claim for the Mini Bounty.

On this page, you have the option to either "accept" or "reject" the submissions of the solutions. If a submission is accepted, the submitter will be considered one of the winners. If a submission is rejected, the submitter can choose to make edits and resubmit the solution.

Step 5: Release the Reward

Once the Mini Bounty deadline is reached, you can proceed with the verification and release of the reward. Simply click on "Verify", confirm the amount to be distributed, and connect your wallet to successfully release the reward.

Congratulations on completing the Mini Bounty process!

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