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How does a bounty hunter tackle a DoraHacks bounty?

How does a bounty hunter tackle a DoraHacks bounty?

Hi bounty hunters!

DoraHacks and its friends post bounties from time to time. We’re waiting for enthusiastic bounty hunters to tackle them, give best solutions, get rewards, and make the world better. Here’s a guide for you to explore among DoraHacks bounties.

Got lost in your journey? Ask @dorahacksofficial on Telegram for anything!

Step 1: Find a bounty

You can check all the DoraHacks bounties here

Click on the title to see the bounty details. On the detail page, you can see the duration, skills needed, requirements and other stuffs.

Step 2: Aim for the bounty

If you’re interested in some bounty, click the orange “participate” button to connect your github and wallet to DoraHacks.

  • Notice: all the building for the bounty will be finished on github from now on. The wallet is for receiving the rewards.

When you’re successfully linked, scroll down and find the “View On Github” button. You know, every bounty is essentially a github issue.

You need to talk to the owner first before you starting developing for the bounty. In case you guys would have some disagreement and it turns out the bounty isn’t for you.

So please comment under the issue about yourself and how you’re going to tackle the bounty. Or if you need any support from them, feel free to let them know.

Step 3: Submit your solution

So when you have some solution to compete for the bounty (yes, sometimes there will be competition), please submit via a Pull Request to the issue.

Your PR will appear on the DoraHacks bounty page as “Existing Pull Requests”.

If your solution is chose as the best solution, the bounty owner will merge your PR. And congrats! One step to the rewards.

Step 4: Get the rewards

Since your wallet is connected to DoraHacks in Step 1, you just need to make sure your wallet has added the network same with where the rewards on. (e.g. if the rewards are MATIC on Polygon, Polygon network needs to be added in your Metamask or other wallets).

The bounty owners will usually release the funds when merge your PR. So when you get notification that the PR is merged, don’t forget to check your balance!

About DoraHacks

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