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Time to Join Hello NFT Hackathon, Presented by OpenSea x Replit on DoraHacks ($45,000 in Prizes)

Time to Join Hello NFT Hackathon, Presented by OpenSea x Replit on DoraHacks ($45,000 in Prizes)
Hello NFT World - OpenSea and Replit are announcing a virtual NFT Hackathon!

Join us on Twitch for the LIVE Kickoff on April 7th at 3 PM PST.

From April 7th to April 14th, OpenSea x Replit “Hello NFT World” Hackathon is open for registration with $45,000 in prizes supported by DoraHacks, one of the leading Hackathon organizers. Partners also include buildspace and Infura!

The Hackathon aims to encourage the advancement of web3, bringing together creators, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative web3 NFT Projects. Explore concepts like NFT DeFi, peer-to-peer renting of NFTs, innovating on what NFTs can do, or new types of NFT utility applications.

Time to say Hello to the NFT World!

Applicant's entry:

How to join (in 3 minutes):

Each team is required to develop a web3 NFT project aligning to one of the four tracks:

Gaming and Metaverse

Onboarding for All

Most Creative

Most Hilarious


March 10, 2022 – April 7, 2022: Pre-registration period

April 7, 2022 - Hackathon kick-off on DoraHacks

April 14th, 11:59 PM PST - Application submission deadline

April 15, 2022 – April 18, 2022 - Judging period

April 19, 2022 - Winners Announced 👑


  1. Entrants need to build NFT projects on Ethereum or Polygon; all projects must be completely open-source without reliance on closed-source software to implement all their features. Core codes and functionalities of the entries should be completed during the Hackathon.
  2. This Hackathon is open to both group and individual entrants virtually to ensure that no person, regardless of physical location, is limited from participating in the event.
  3. Entrants undertake to submit projects that do not violate relevant laws and regulations, infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third parties, or will otherwise be disqualified.
  4. You cannot work on your project before the event begins.
  5. Decisions are final for determining prizes and awards.
  6. You must be online and in attendance at the closing ceremonies to win a prize.

Prize Distribution

In short, there is a MACI grand prize totaling $25,000 and four Track winning projects will receive an award of $5,000.00, $45,000 in total

Replit has offered a cumulative prize pool of $45K with the following breakdowns:

  • $25,000.00 Quadratic Funding Pool and four runner-up winning entries will receive payment of $5,000.00US per track.
  • $25K Judge Pool. This is the prize pool for the best projects as decided by the esteemed industry veteran panel of judges.

Quadratic Funding is an optimal way to fund public goods in a community.

Ideas to #BUIDL

Gaming and Metaverse Hop on board, fam; we are about to save the world." The future of the metaverse is in your hands. Look at digital identity through different angles such as blockchain, NFTs, Lootboxes, art, design, data, or anything you could imagine as part of the virtual world.

Onboarding for All Create an application or tool to improve the user experience of minting or owning NFTs. The best projects will put creators and users first in their designs and seek to solve friction points prevalent in the NFT ecosystem today.

Most Creative Does creativity ooze from your ideas? If so, show off your talents by creating an imaginative NFT project or new application.

Most Hilarious Knock, Knock. Who’s there? The funniest NFT is waiting to happen!” If you're a jokester or class clown, this prize is perfect for you. (seize the memes of production).

Judging Criteria for ALL Tracks

Best for Blockchain How much does this project improve the Blockchain ecosystem (e.g., giving developers better tools, driving adoption, improving the architecture, etc.)?

Best User Experience How easy is it for experts and amateurs to use this product/service?

Best Engineering How impressive is the technical implementation?

How well is it engineered?

Highest "WOW" Factor Did this project get you excited? Are you impressed?

Most Innovative How original, creative, novel, and useful is this project?

Most Rare, Looking for the most refreshingly new approach to NFTs. Contract innovation, drop mechanics, utility, or other evolutions that drive the space forward. Something no one has seen done before.

Best Visualization, the most interesting, useful, elegant, and well-designed data visualizations of NFT or NFT market data.

Best Crossover, the best implementation of a project that combines NFTs and DeFi in an innovative and effective way.

Replit & OpenSea Hackathon homepage


  1. I am flying solo/Looking to join a team

Find a team on the #hello-nft-world-find-a-team-channel Create a post telling us a bit about what you are interested in:

        1. What skills do you have?
        2. What do you want to learn?

Have an idea? Pitch it here so that people looking for teams and projects can tag you to connect!

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