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ETH Research Grant Anonymous MACI Voting Guide

ETH Research Grant Anonymous MACI Voting Guide

Hello and welcome!

We're excited to present our Anonymous MACI Voting Guide, designed to ensure a seamless voting experience for the ETH Research Grant Round 3 Community Voting. If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the voting process, we're here to help!

You can reach out to Dora Dōjō through the following channels:

  • Telegram: @DoraDojo0
  • WeChat: @HackerDojo0

Alternatively, you can also contact the DoraHacks team via Telegram or Discord.

Let's dive right in!


ETH Research Grant is a long-term funding program to support Ethereum ecological research, and the application channel is valid for a long time. Project selection and grant distribution are conducted on a monthly basis. Here is the schedule:

Project Submission: long-term at ETH Research Grant

Time Table for Round 3

Judging: May 25th - 28th

Community Voting: May 29th - June 8th at ETH Research Grant Community Voting (Round 3)

Result Announcement: June 9th

Voting Rules

This round of community voting will be the first practice of Anonymous Groth16-based MACI on the BNB Chain. More on DoraHacks’ exploration on MACI anonymization, please read this article.

1. The voting ticket used here is voice credit, n votes costs n^2 voice credit. As long as you have any amount of vcDORA with the address you connected to vote until the voting ends (ie, 20:00 UTC+8 on June 8th) (check here), you will get 100 voice credit.

Get vcDORA for free by staking DORA token.


  • Voting does not affect your $DORA and vcDORA balance, and the amount of $DORA already staked will not decrease. If you want to get more vcDORA, you can also extend the stake period or increase the number of staked $DORA on this page.
  • Since voting needs $BNB as Gas Fee (~ 0.01), please make sure that your $BNB is in the same address as vcDORA.

2. Anonymous MACI refers to Anonymous Minimum Anti-Collusion Infrastructure, which is an effective mechanism to prevent voting violations and at the same time keep the identity of voters anonymous. MACI will not affect the voting process, but will not display the voting results in real time. The results will be announced at end of the voting period.

Voting Guide

If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the voting process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dora Dōjō through the following channels:

  • Telegram: @DoraDojo0
  • WeChat: @HackerDojo0

Alternatively, you can also contact the DoraHacks team via Telegram or Discord.

Step 1: Sign-up

  1. First of all, make sure you have vcDORA at If you haven’t got any vcDORA yet, please stake $DORA at above page.
  2. Visit, connect to your wallet to sign up for Anonymous MACI.

3. Then you will see the voting round information, for example the ETH Research MACI Round.  Click “Sign Up” to generate a private key for voting. This private key is your identity while voting and your login method for the Anonymous MACI Voting.

4. The private key will be randomly generated for you. Click on “Download Key & Sign Up”, then the key will be automatically downloaded as a TXT file. Save this file securely and ensure it remains confidential. You will need it to vote.

a. Please note otherwise there is no method to recover the key.  Meanwhile your wallet will be automatically opened, please "Confirm" to authorize the action.

Now that you have signed up for Anonymous MACI successfully.  You can choose to go voting by voice credit directly with this key (see the guidelines below). Or move on to experience the new functionality of Anonymous MACI, so you can stay anonymous even to the administrator through resetting your private key.

Step 1.5: Stay Anonymous(Optional if you want to practice MACI anonymization) 😎

1.Deactivate the old key

  • Navigate to page Click on "Reset Key" and upload or copy-paste the old key. If an invalid old key is uploaded, it will display an error message "The corresponding account does not have a signup!" If the valid old key is uploaded, click on "Request to Reset Key" and confirm the action by connecting your wallet. Note: Users can proceed with the next step only after a specific time, as the administrator needs to update the key set data periodically, usually within 24 hours.

2. Generate a new key

  • After 24 hours, again navigate to page Click on "Reset Key", upload the old key and click on "Request to Reset Key". A new key will be generated. Click “Download Key & Confirm to Reset”, the new key will be automatically downloaded into a TXT file. Save this new key file securely and ensure it remains confidential. You will need it to vote. Please note otherwise there is no method to recover the key.  Meanwhile your wallet will be automatically opened, please "Confirm" to authorize the action. Congratulations! Now you have generated a new key successfully that is anonymous even to the administrator. You can proceed to login with your new key to vote.

Step 2: Vote by Voice Credit

Before voting you need:

  • Prepare vcDORA after staking $DORA (check staking guidelines below)
  • Make sure that you have some $BNB as gas fee (0.01 BNB is enough)

1. All grantee projects are listed at Enter the page to vote.

2. Select the project you want to support and click the "Add to MACI-Cart" button under it.

3. You’ll be asked to connect to your wallet and enter your private key. (You should have the key file downloaded at Step 1: Sign-up. If you have reset the key, use your new key given at above-mentioned Stay Anonymous process.)

4. Enter the number of votes and submit it. The voice credit left for you will also be visible in the cart. Your n votes cost n^2 voice credit. E.g. If you give 5 votes to a project, it’ll cost 25 voice credits, and you’ll have 75 credits left to vote for other projects.

Note: If you encounter a super high gas fee, it’s a warning. Please do not confirm directly. Please check whether there is enough vcDORA balance at

5. Due to the MACI mechanism, the voting results will not be displayed in real time, and the final results will be announced after the end of community voting.

Grant Pool Allocation Rules

ETH Research Grant comes in a total amount of $5000 in the 3rd community voting round, which will be allocated based on the Quadratic Voting results.

As the number of voters for a BUIDL project increases, this BUIDL will receive a bigger matching prize from the community funding prize pool. Individual contributors can vote for their preferred projects to push them ahead in the funding round.

Quadratic Voting is a voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes.

Details about Quadratic Voting plz check:

About vcDORA:

Dora Staking: a way to participate in governance of Dora grant communities. By staking $DORA at , a staker will receive corresponding amount of vcDORA as the governance credit on

vcDORA: short for “voice credit Dora”, a community governance credit generated by Dora staking.

vcDORA is the non-transferable voice credit for DORA community governance, and the amount of vcDORA associated with an address is related to the amount of DORA staked, the duration of staking, and time elapsed since the initial staking date.

It has following features:

  • Decaying spontaneously: during the period of staking, the amount of vcDORA one holds will be decaying linearly until the end of staking period.
  • When finished staking, check out your vcDORA balance at specific date at
  • non-transferable: vcDORA is designed to grant the governance credit to the stakers (the staking addresses), therefore it’s exclusive (or in popular term “soul-bound”) to the staker and is not allowed to be transferred.
  • Irrevocable: Staking is not allowed to be cancelled because it’s based on interactions with a smart contract. But it’s ok to increase staking amount or to prolong the staking period to get more vcDORA.

For more information, please read vcDORA - Governance Voice Credit for Open Community Grant DAO(s) by Eric Zhang, Founder of DoraHacks.

How to Stake

Before the following steps, please make sure you have enough $DORA tokens for staking and some ETH for gas because $DORA is currently a token on the Ethereum mainnet.

1.Go to Click “Connect Wallet”.

2.When your wallet is connected, you’ll see a Dora Staking profile page.

Click “Stake $DORA”.

3.Specify the amount and duration of staking in the form. “Initial vcDORA” estimates the amount of vcDORA you’ll get by the amount of $DORA and duration you’ll stake.

Notice: Staking can NOT be undone.

4.If you want to increase staking amount or extend staking period to get more vcDORA, go to or click “Stake $DORA” tab to continue.

When staking expires, you can get the staked $DORA back on this page.


1. What if I encounter problems during the voting process?

If you encounter failure during the voting process, please contact Dora Dōjō in the following ways.

Telegram: @DoraDojo0

WeChat: @HackerDojo0

Please also feel free to reach out to DoraHacks team via Telegram or Discord.

2. Only MetaMask wallet supported in voting?

In addition to MetaMask, the DoraHacks platform supports all wallet connect compatible wallet types.

3. Can I check my voting records?

This voting round will be the first practice of PLONK based MACI. Through DoraHacks MACI-PLONK. Therefore, you cannot query voting records, and the page will not display the voting results in real time, but will announce the results after the entire voting process is over.

4. How do I know how many vcDORAs I have now?

When you finish staking, you can check your vcDORA balance at anytime. It shows real-time vcDORA balance in your wallet as well as the estimated amount at any specific date in the staking period.

Some additional questions about Anonymous MACI:

What is the difference between Anonymous MACI and MACI Voting?

Anonymous MACI achieves anonymity towards the administrator by offering additional functionality of key replacement. You have the option to change your key. This process ensures privacy, as the administrators won't know who has changed their key, maintaining anonymity.

What if I don’t want to use the functionality of Anonymous MACI Voting? I just want to vote as in normal MACI Voting.

The whole voting process consists of two stages. In the first stage, it is sign-up stage. You can just sign up and vote without using the functionality of Anonymous MACI Voting. The second stage is to achieve anonymity towards the administrator. If you don’t need it, you can skip it. But if you are a cryptography enthusiast, we encourage you to try this brand new functionality we introduced.

How do you achieve anonymity in the second stage of Anonymous MACI Voting?

The whole process consists of two steps. In the first step, voters inform the administrator about deactivating their old key. In the second step, voters prove that they were part of the deactivated old key group, allowing the contract to accept their new key. The administrator only knows that the voter belongs to the group of voters who deactivated their old key. However, the administrator won't be able to identify who the voter is or which wallet address is linked to the voter.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer platforms. It creates a global hacker movement and provides crypto native toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking.

By far, more than 3000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $20 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, DAOs, and more than 40 major blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure ( for open source funding and community governance.

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