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Temporary Pause of AEZ Quadratic Funding Voting and Extended Voting Session

Temporary Pause of AEZ Quadratic Funding Voting and Extended Voting Session

Dear users and AEZ community,

Due to a recent DefaultPowerReduction problem on Dora Vota, the network paused and experienced a hard fork. Although no previous transactions were affected, all IBC clients have to be reset. As a result, we have temporarily paused the voting process for the AEZ Quadratic Funding Round 1. This decision is a precautionary measure to address potential risks and ensure the security of your contributions. Rest assured that all votes and donations made during this time will be counted once the voting service is fully restored.

Originally, Dora Factory planned to complete the validator set expansion in parallel with the voting session. However, the DefaultPowerReduction problem has caused a delay in the expansion and raised concerns about the stability of the vota-ash network.

Dora Factory has identified three crucial tasks that need completion before the voting session can be resumed:

1. Resolve the DefaultPowerReduction issue and address associated risks.
2. Onboard validators and complete the first round of validator set expansion
3. Reactivate the IBC Channel between the vota-ash network and CosmosHub.

Considering the typical 2-week duration for governance proposals on CosmosHub, we anticipate needing 3-5 weeks to complete the above tasks. Our goal is to relaunch the voting session before the end of February.

To engage the Cosmos community in resolving the DefaultPowerReduction issue, we have initiated a bug bounty program on

Bug Bounty link:

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for your patience, support and love for Cosmos public goods!

DoraHacks Team