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Announcing YQuantum 2024 Winners

Announcing YQuantum 2024 Winners

YQuantum, Yale's leading quantum computing hackathon, made its debut on April 13th, 2024, organized by the Yale Quantum Institute. This inaugural event attracted thinkers and innovators from around the globe to confront tomorrow's quantum challenges. With 300 registrants hailing from 10 countries and representing 32 universities, YQuantum 2024 formed 36 teams to tackle 6 challenges set by industry sponsors. Without further ado, let's unveil the winners of the Grand Prizes and each track.


1st Place

Winner: Quantum Consortium

Team members: Caden Kacmarynski, Xavier Moskala, Adrian Harkness, Dmitrii Khitrin, David Nizovsky

YQuantum 2024 QuEra Challenge

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2nd Place

Winner: The Unitary Operators

Team members: Dale Jacobs, Randy Dang, Mateusz Zubrzycki, Daniel Harrington, Shariq Rifai

Implement an Efficient Algorithm for Sparse Quantum State Preparation

BUIDL link:

3rd Place

Winner: Qubruin

Team members: Zhuoyang Ye, Qiyu Liu, Manvi Agrawal, Changsoo Kim, Haochen Wang

Our challenge topic is provided by IBM, a leading company in quantum computing. Our objective was to identify and implement applications using dynamic quantum circuits, which provide advantages over static quantum circuits. Various quantum algorithms, such as quantum algorithm design, circuit compilation, and error correction, can be optimized by leveraging dynamic circuits, where qubits can be measured and read before the next quantum instruction.

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IBM Quantum

Winner: Quantum Nexus

Team members: Bryanna Boroze, Shees Siddiqy, Jack Angelastro

Understanding a Root of Linear Algebra

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QuEra Computing

Winner: RabiFlops

Team members: Kenneth Kohn, Andrii Torchylo, Sam Jett, Dhruv Mangtani, Boxin Zhang

Quantum Scarring on a 3d lattice projected into 2d space using ancilla qubits

BUIDL link:

Classiq Technologies

Winner: Wavefunction Wizards

Team members: Jose Zamora Orellana, Maximilian Rieger, Thomas Greenleaf, Aniruddha Sen

Sparse State Preparation

BUIDL link:


Winner: Spooners

Team members: Siddarth Chava, Siji Doherty, Shrey Khater, Aditi Baghel, Akshat Rakheja

A model that classifies and predicts what QC QRNG's are generated from using various techniques

BUIDL link:

  • Capgemini // Quantinuum // The Hartford

Winner: skittlez

Team members: Eileen Rashduni, Tanusri Ramakrishnan, Jesus Fileto, Danny Assi, Pradyun Solai

Capgemini/Hartford/Quantinuum YQuantum 2024 challenge

BUIDL link:

Honorable mention: BB24

Team members: Jennifer Fomenko, Pravin Mahendran, Priyam Gupta, Sahana Ganesh, Kharissa Moore

BB24 - Yale Quantum Monte CarloWe aim to modify the sampling procedure for Quantum Monte Carlo Techniques

BUIDL link:


Winner: Quantum Quails

Team members: Sanskriti Shindadkar, Khaled Khan, Maksym Tymchyshyn, Kunal Lalwani, Richa Yadav

Improving solar cell efficiency using quantum chemistry

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Honorable mention: Huskies

Team members: Shannen Espinosa, Siona Tagare, Gun Suer

We aim to design an algorithm that optimizes for enough protein expression in a corresponding immune response by improving structural stability and codon usage.

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