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Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon Round-1 Recap and Result Announcement

Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon Round-1 Recap and Result Announcement

Held since September 13th, the contest declared its initiative in recognizing EVM-compatible GameFi projects and advancing their significance to the next level. Accessing innovation and scalability, 13 BUIDLs are shortlisted from round 1 to deliver the definition of the new EVM GameFi!

Trust EVM, the highest performing and fastest EVM on the EOS network, is launching the Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon Round-2 on for developers and EVM-compatible projects. Submission is opened

Round-1 winners are granted monetary rewards as an incentive for their contribution and endeavours. Placements are as follow:

1st Prize

The Wake

The Wake is the world’s first and largest isometric multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) game to feature Norse mythology in the metaverse.


Fabwelt creates a high-end gaming ecosystem and amplify the fun with ingame NFTs, Play to Earn and DEFI.

2nd Prize

Galatic War

Galactic War is the biggest FPS NFTs game with AAA-Standard based on the Unreal Engine 5; we promise amazing gameplay and effects. We aim at the metaverse with VR technology, bringing a more realistic experience to E-sports as players battle in the Milky Way.


FootEarn has engaging and accessible gameplay that attracts gamers of all ages, genders, and countries. Moreover, in Multiplayer mode, users can compete directly with each other in tournaments and receive prizes.

Moverse is an all-in-one fitness Dapp with a mission to dominate the Health and Wellness industry! Where active users are adopted into our community making fitness habits stick by strengthening muscles & mindsets including personalized coaching powered by AI technology.

3rd Prize


Godel is a UGC metaverse publishing platform. Once DAOs and individuals create the 3D scenes with the Low-Code editor provided, the platform converts the 3D scenes into NFTs under ERC4907 protocol, which ensure the users’ ownerships in various activities such as rental, sale and Ads profit-sharing scheme.

Multiverse Play

Building a largest X-ToEarn NFT management platform, fixing the P2E NFT idle issue & the P2E NFT supply problem, supporting D-app/GameFi communities, including players, NFT investors, content developers, guilds, and influencers, powered by our first-to-market intelligent demand-supply matchmaking & task scheduling Web3.0 technology.


Free Play And Earn Cross-Verse Battle Royale Knightiny - Game with DeFI and NFT tech. where players use their own any playable NFTs from any metaverse for playing.

Unreal Engine + Metamask + Multiverse = Knightiny


BitMetis supports games to build better communities and empowers players' individual value to participate in web3 game revolution.


IOUplay aims to increase trust between gamers, guilds, and GameFi NFT investors. Basing on IOUtokens, "people's money with feedback" - Soulbound Tokens (SBT). It means tokenized civil debt receipts, promissory notes, or convertible notes, issued by anyone, anytime, anywhere, & backed by goods & services.


MotoDEX is a competitive simulator in which users participate in motorcycle races, develop their riders and improve high-speed tracks. The continuous cycle of competitions opens up unlimited opportunities for users to earn money. After each level is passed, champions are awarded with real US dollars.

Engagement Award


The first game project by video game hub that combines several play-to-earn projects that use artificial intelligence to create game characters.

End Of Space

End Of Space is a space shooter game on Trust EVM with upgradable NFT spaceships and a built-in DSL for you to create your own adventures! Let's first look into the game itself then the DSL.

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