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Saga Multiverse Hackathon Recap & Result Announcement

Saga Multiverse Hackathon Recap & Result Announcement

The inaugural Saga Multiverse Hackathon has recently concluded, awarding more than $50,000 in prizes to innovative solutions that tackle real-world issues. We received 52 submissions for this hackathon, and after careful consideration, 9 winners were selected. As the hackathon comes to a successful close, we eagerly anticipate the positive effects of the winning solutions on the world. Check out the winners!

Best Use of Generative AI in a Game

$10k In Scenario Credit

Winner: Dreamweavers - Black History Dao

Web3 NFT Powered Game

Best Use of Generative AI in a Trailer

$3k Cash Prize

Winner: Coralverse - Zcreative Media

A virtual environment that combines stunning architectural works of art with a passion for ocean conservation. Designed using cutting-edge technology and built with the Unity game engine, the Coralverse is a true masterpiece of the multiverse.

$1k Cash Prize

Runner-Up: Hippie Alien - Zuraverse

An AI generated cinematic trailer video of Hippie Alien Cosmic Klub, taking help of different AI tools like Scenario, Kaiber, DID/ stable diffusion etc. and exploring the possibilities creators can achieve and audience can experience with the power of generative AI.

Best Sample Game or Plugin

$3k Cash Prize

Winner: Sneakerhunt - Casmir

SneakerHunt is an innovative project that brings the thrill of Pokémon Go to the world of sneaker collecting, while harnessing the transformative capabilities of Web3 technology on the Saga Chainlet.

$1k Cash Prize

Runner-Up: Flippando - Dragos

By leveraging Proof of Attention, Flippando enables the creation of NFT primitives, potentially leading to an on-chain economy of virtual goods.

Best Web3 Game, Entertainment or Defi App

$10k Cash Prize

Winner: Retrocity - Ailand

RetroCity Adventure is an immersive gaming experience that takes players on a thrilling journey through RetroCity, a virtual metropolis filled with NFT avatars and semi-fungible cassettes.

$1k Cash Prize

Runner-Up: Override

Override is a novel GameFi project built on a Saga Chainlet that aims to adress the largely-ignored community building aspect of the crypto world.

Best Saga Multiverse Collaboration

$20k Cash Prize

Winner: Another World & Bocano Go!

Another World is a digital world where you can be NFT avatars and hunt blockchain treasures with web3 and web2 friends to take on a journey like the movie Ready Player One.

$1k Cash Prize

Runner-Up: Cosmic Exodus & Bocano Go!

Creation, publish and distribuition of web3 games (free-to-play, non-pay-to-win)

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