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BNB Revelation Hackathon(BNB Grant Round-1) Recap and Result Announcement

BNB Revelation Hackathon(BNB Grant Round-1) Recap and Result Announcement

Closing at May 31st, the BNB Revelation Hackathon(BNB Grant Round-1) has officially announced the Judge’s Prize winners and quadratic funding matching results.

To conclude, the Revelation Hackathon has received:

  • 216 verified project submissions
  • 382 BNB in community contribution
  • Votes from 25928 voters.

Up to $5 Million in prizes and quadratic funding matching pool, sponsored by 24 top Web3 companies, will be distributed to support all the building teams.

What’s more, the Revelation Hackathon involved “Frontier Tech” and “Blockchain for Good” as two of the six major tracks, which is the attempt to fund frontier technologies and charity with crypto funding. Continue reading this post to know the best projects submitted to these two tracks.

Now, it’s time to know the projects that worth your attention in this round.

Judge’s Prize Winners

*On Judge‘s Prizes: the funds every team will receive are based on the votes they got. One vote stands for certain amount of funds(F), therefore the funds one will get equals $ N(votes)*F

From NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse sponsored by KardiaChain

1. Ark Rivals

Ark Rivals is an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resource wars based on User-generated content (UGC) to play, create, and earn. At first glance, Ark Rivals can basically be described as the “Clash of Clan” + “Starcraft” Play-to-Earn real-time strategy game. The game tells the scene of a factions war between Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn to gain universal control of the economy and power.


DEEPSPACE is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game!Earn passive income from holding $DPS, trading proprietary, upgradeable, smart NFTs, and taking risks as you explore DEEPSPACE with your fleet of ships!Prepare to explore, harvest, and fight your way through the DEEPSPACE universe!

3. BetaMars

BetaMars shows more elements in human nature, which means that passions and emotions bestowed on the game make the codes warmer and more dynamic. With the world’s development, every participant has the opportunity to lead the direction of BetaMars and build a dream homeland in this world.

From Disruptive DeFi sponsored by Venus

1. InsurAce Protocol

InsurAce is a leading decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol that provides reliable, robust and secure insurance services to DeFi users, allowing them to protect their investment funds against various risks.

2. Velvet Capital

Velvet.Capital is a multi-chain DeFi protocol that helps people create crypto portfolios, indexes & other financial products with additional yield at the tips of their fingers. We provide a secure and simple platform for individuals, professional asset managers and treasury managers. Sign up for early access:


Empower defi users to farm their own way. No vaults created by WEAVE, but user owned smart contracts that are 100% customizable and much secure. Reduce barrier to entry with copy-farming for novice users, and WEAVE ACADEMY for everyone to learn, progress, and support each other.

From DAOs & dCommunities sponsored by GuildFi

1. ZKpayroll

USDT and BUSD as salary is being popular, zkpayroll is a tool for salary manage and distribute, with zk-proof, it's privacy and security. The contracts have no owner, that means zkpayroll is running as a protocol, a infrastructure of DAO.

2. DAOrayaki

DAOrayaki is a decentralized media and research organization that is autonomous by readers, researchers, and funders. DAOrayaki represents the community’s will. We believe that information decentralization empowers the people and secures the integrity.

3. Hotpot

Launching a DAO is not easy for newcomers in blockchain due to the technical difficulty of blockchain principles. Hotpot Network provides easy launching steps for people outside the blockchain world to start a DAO within a few clicks. Any newcomers can design their token economics with our user-friendly configuration interface to address the goals of different communities. Our platform consists of multi-chain support for smart contracts, a user-friendly web interface, SDK, and various toolboxes for different DAOs. Moreover, the platform itself is also a DAO, all the decisions and executions are supervised by the hotpot community.

From Innovative Infra sponsored by CelerNetwork & Ankr

1. Zecrey

Zecrey is an L2 private crosschain protocol based on zk-rollup. Zecrey provides a reliable and safe crosschain solution, with its security rooted in L1. And Zecrey is also a well-designed product aggregating assets and liquidity via a user-friendly plugin wallet as an entrance to multiple blockchains. It is convenient for users to manage multi-chain assets, and they can use cross-chain asset swap and crosschain bridge. Zecrey's L2 AMM DEX also has anti-MEV features, which can more effectively and safely protect users' transactions from being attacked by malicious arbitrageurs. Zecrey protocol is also a L2 solution with native privacy enabled. All transactions happened in L2 are private.

2. Star (Aster Protocol)

Star (Aster Protocol) builds the first social network aggregator and provides decentralized commerce infrastructure (for goods and services in the online and offline world) to accelerate the ownership economy (“Creator Economy”).


SID: Your Universal Identifier

As we are approaching the Web3 age with full speed, the emergence of decentralized identity and various Web3 name services have created robust identity systems, which include readable usernames that are portable across individual dApps and blockchains. We already see how those applications greatly improve accessibility, and they will no doubt become a fundamental component of the future world.

From Frontier Technologies sponsored by CertiK

1. Cryptosat

Cryptosat’s mission is to build satellites that power cryptographic, blockchain, and ledger applications. By placing a root-of-trust in space, we guarantee ultimate trust and transparency. We believe that space is perfectly suited for hosting secure applications by virtue of its being physically inaccessible. Our technology powers a wide range of applications from blockchain to electronic voting and offers to revolutionize the cyber security industry by harnessing the unique properties of space that are literally out of this world.

2. Maptable Atlas

Accessing high-resolution, timely socioeconomic data (e.g, population, employment, consumption, and wealth) of human settlements is critical. However, reliable local-scale socioeconomic data remain scarce. In this project, we plan to harness the power of multiple sources of big data (e.g., satellite data, cell phone data), blockchain smart contracts, and machine learning algorithms to solve this problem.

3. Yao

Yao is an open source framework that aims to empower quantum information research with software tools. It is designed with following in mind:

quantum algorithm design; quantum software 2.0; quantum computation education.

See our paper

From Blockchain for Good sponsored by HashKey

1. Aquari

Aquari is a Decentralized Environmental Conservation Organization that leverages the power of the blockchain to attach a profit incentive to allocating capital to environmental conservation efforts. The main goal of Aquari as an organization is to attach a profit incentive to the environmental conservation industry whilst creating a new type of NGO which is collectively owned, governed, and transparent due to the blockchain’s public ledger.

2. Tokenized Impact Bonds (TIBs)

Revolutionizing the delivery of social services using public blockchains

Value Proposition

  • Building a robust community of altruists.
  • Databases of effective social interventions.
  • Self-Sovereign autonomy.
  • Creating a Web3 Native ESG ecosystem.
  • Creating a Digital asset from social services.

3. MetaBio

MetaBio is a Web3 application to connect gardeners, farmers to crypto world. We aim to be the leading Web3 application for gardening/farming communities, inspire gardeners/farmers, and connect them and their data to enterprise and biology experts eventually

Mostly Voted Projects (in Community Quadratic Voting)

Check out the leaderboard at


Please notice that Revelation is NOT the end funding the Web3 contributors. As stated at the beginning of Revelation, this event also kicks off BNB Long-term Grants and BNB GrantDAO, a long-term community grant initiative supporting multi-chain innovation. Hence, we’re very happy to announce that the BNB Long-term Grant Round-2 is going to happen in one month later!

Meanwhile, community feedback and the corresponding replies during this round are recorded at BNB Grant Grace Period Feedback & Resolution . The voice from our community was more than valuable and treasured, which has inspired us to improve the overall mechanism of the coming Round-2.

Also, thanks all the amazing sponsors for supporting the Revelation BUIDLers!

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