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​​ETH Research Grant Round 2 Recap & Result Announcement

​​ETH Research Grant Round 2 Recap & Result Announcement

The Ethereum Research Grant has completed its second funding round at Out of the 26 teams that applied for the grants, five were chosen to receive grants of $5,000 in total based on their community voting ranking.

The ETH Research Grant is a dedicated long-term funding program that aims to promote innovation and research in the Ethereum community. Its primary goal is to encourage the further development of Ethereum by supporting deserving projects with the necessary funds to move forward. The Grant Program has a long-term validity, and a rolling monthly review is conducted to ensure that the most deserving projects receive the necessary funding.

The upcoming review period for the ETH Research Grant will be held from April 18th to 23rd for projects submitted before April 18th. The following tracks are open for applications in this round: AA/ERC4337, zkEVM/zkVM, Rollups, Staking, Identity/ETH Login, DeGov, Sharding/Data Availability, Cryptography Research, and other Ethereum Adoption.

ETH Research Grant offers a unique opportunity to emerging talents to showcase their skills and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. Developers and researchers are encouraged to submit their work and ideas👇

To apply, visit:

Here are the grantees selected from the 2nd round applicants of ETH Research Grant, ranked by MACI community voting:


Track: Cryptography Research

The mission is to protect web3, focusing on: Sybil resistance through reseaching and the development of useful algorithms and other approaches. Resisting recentralization and potential capture at the data layer.

Eigen Network

Track: zkEVM/zkVM

Eigen Network aims to build a privacy-focused zkVM and be highly compatible with Solidity to deliver privacy and developing experience for EVM ecosystem.


Track: Rollups

Topia will greatly improve the interoperability of smart contracts and distributed storage, expand Ethereum's data storage capabilities while significantly reducing on-chain storage costs. Ultimately achieve fully on-chain applications and personal data sovereignty.


Track: DeGov

A concise look at the centralization problem within DAOs


Track: Identity/ETH Login

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