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Boba Network Global Virtual Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

Boba Network Global Virtual Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

Hello, beloved DoraHacks community and Boba BUIDLers. As the very 1st round of the Boba Network-themed hackathon, Boba Network Global Virtual Hackathon was tremendously fun and memorable because of everyone’s endeavours. We are humbled to thank everyone for making this 3-month hackathon a success!

The hackathon ran from March 27th to June 21st on DoraHacks, featuring 4 tracks to have participants competing in themed categories: Metaverse / GameFi / NFT, Education / Creative Content, Defi / Infrastructure / Tooling / Security, IRL / Turing. The winners from this round will share a pool of $100,000.

After successfully assessing 84 BUIDL submissions, the winners are selected based on tracks, that stood out with their absolute brilliant proposals to solve the existing challenges.

The shortlisted BUIDLs are as follows:

Category: Metaverse / GameFi / NFT

1. MedievalDAO

​​Medieval DAO is a FREE MINT learn-to-earn NFT Game project targeting to educate NFT holders to the wonderful web3 world with airdrop rewards.

Medieval DAO is the 1st BOBA Gamefi project and players can earn native ERC20 governance token $FOOD through playing the Medieval Expedition! Adventurer NFT is a dunamic NFT that users can consume $FOOD to decorate their NFT and boost their in-game ability.

MedievalDAO collaborates with multiple DeFi, NFT, DAO projects on BOBA Networks to not only reward our NFT holders, but also boost the development and TVL of the whole BOBA ecosystem.

2. Histopia

Creating both a Free2Play and Play2Earn metaverse that mixes gaming with social interaction and decision-making to create a world fully built on top of player actions. That is fully on-chain, transparent, cross-chain, and cross-platform.

3. BigBullGamers

BigBullGamers is a platform for ecosystem of next generation Games and Gamers. At BigBullGamers Players and Builders can 1) Create NFT Membership based Game streaming, Game Fund to raise funds for Game development, Buy/Sell/Rent in Game Assets and Community of Players, Game builders and Animators

Category: Education / Creative Content

1. Mintships

Mintships makes sharing unlockable content using NFTs possible and easy for all creators and recognizes tokens held in the wallet upon scanning of a QR code to enable the use of membership/ticket NFTs in physical spaces.

2. StudentDesk

Decentralized Educational Network to Empower Learners.

​​Education should be accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of where people belong to and their financial background. At StudentDesk, students can connect with like minded peers in Metaverse, Showcase Projects as their NFTs, Share Knowledge, Get Scholarships and get a chance to Earn Crypto for their contribution!

3. Quiz Arena

Quiz Arena Quiz Game was created to make the learning process easy, fun and engaging. Thus, it can ignite the interest of personal development.

Quiz Arena Academy was inaugurated to provide readily accessible knowledge for everyone. Thus, a plethora of well curated library of knowledge is made available to all. The academy has plans to partner with reputable institutions to provide accredited certifications in the form of NFTs for individuals who have completed the online courses. Hence, equipping individuals with the most recent skillset required in the modern workforce.

Category: Defi / Infrastructure / Tooling / Security

1. Keysafe

Keysafe is a decentralized protocol for private key backup, retrieval, and access management. Keysafe allows users to register their Web3.0 keys with multiple Web2.0 authentications (SMS, email, etc.) and use their keys from anywhere in the world securely without carrying any device.

2. Gamester

Connect with Gamers! Develop Games & Get Paid in Crypto!

3. Boba Launch

Boba launch network is an ecosystem that helps Boba ecosystem users and investors to diversify their decentralized finances (DeFi).

Category: IRL / Turing

1. Turing Hub

Turing Hub provides an all-in-one interface for creating, funding, managing your Truing helper.

With Turing Hub, one can deploy the Turing helper contract with a single click. Comparing to use the Turing helper directly, Turing Hub also provides a more sophisticated interface for managing access control. It allows adding multiple owners to a Turing helper for better team managements, or it can remove the owner completely to avoid changing the configuration accidentally.

2. BobaID

BobaID uses Turing to connect to a smart contract using oAuth. This connection can be integrated into other dapps such as NFT minting contracts or anything else that needs sybil protection

The social authentication layer on Boba Network. Connect to oAuth providers such as Github, Discord and others to access Sybil protected Dapps

3. GhostNColors

GhostNColors is a 10000 ERC721 collection with colors randomly generated in the act of minting it.

Numbers to generate colors are derived from a random number, which is also used as genome and to define a velocity attribute, generated with Turing Hybrid Compute.

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