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2023/06/24-2023/09/18 14:00 UTC

Aptos Grant DAO Round 4 - Community Voting Time!

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All Tracks

Tracks of open funding in this round

  • NFT / Gaming

  • Defi

  • Infrastructure / Tooling

  • Community / DAO

  • Move Native

  • Stable Coins

  • ZK-Move

  • Social

BUIDLer's Guide: Aptos Grant DAO

Application Entrancehttps://dorahacks.io/aptos

  • Note: After submission, please contact DoraHacks for project verification (TG: @dorahacksofficial; Discord #buidl-verification channel: https://discord.gg/PCdeK2nfwh)

Welcome to  DoraHacks’ long-term funding program for early Aptos BUIDLers - Aptos Grant DAO! The program looks forward to the brightest minds of all tracks to enrich the Aptos ecosystem and get funded. Judging and grant-giving will happen periodically, and in the fourth judging round, the grant pool will be 4000 APT as BUIDLer Grants(including 2000 APT for fixed grants and 2000 APT for highlighted thesis) plus 2000 APT as extra community quadratic pool!

Meanwhile, Aptos Grant DAO will also be a part of DoraHacks’ long-term program funding BUIDLers in various blockchain ecosystems, as DoraHacks’ innovation to empower the everlasting hacker movement.

[Updated] Grant mechanism

The total grant pool for Round 4 remains 6,000 APT, while the distribution rules are updated and an extra “Micro-grant” program is now activated.

  1. From the 4,000 APT previously for fixed Aptos BUIDLer grants, now 50%(2,000 APT) will be distributed to certain highlighted thesis, and the other 50%(2,000 APT) will be given as fixed BUIDLer grants.
  2. 2,000 APT for community quadratic voting funding pool remains the same.
  3. The grants will be more likely to fund builder projects that focus on the Aptos ecosystem. The part of funding for Aptos-only projects will exceed the part for multi-chain projects based on Move language.
  4. IRL Aptos-centric hackathons worldwide can apply for Micro-grants from Aptos Grant DAO. We’d love to support! ((For application, please contact TG: @dorahacksofficial)


  • Project Submission: The portal is open long-term. Projects submitted by August 16th will enter this judging and funding round
  • Judging[Round 4]: August 16th ~ August 25th
  • Project demo: August 14th to August 16th
  • Community Voting [4th Round]: TBD
  • Grace Period for Anti-Sybil Attack Check: TBD
  • Result Announcement: TBD

Aptos Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program will always be open for application, but do note that application review and fund distribution will only happen periodically in sequential rounds.


1. Your project must be running on the Aptos blockchain (testnet/devnet/mainnet).

2. You must submit a project with its Github repo.

3. Your project must be original.

4. Your project have not raised Round A funding.

  • Due diligence will be conducted on the eligibility of every round grantee from Aptos Grant DAO. DoraHacks reserves the rights of any revocation/adjustment of the grants.

How to submit your project

1. BUILDers should submit their BUIDL projects via https://dorahacks.io/aptos/round-4/buidl. **But before that, make sure that you already have an account at DoraHacks.**

Use the  Sign in/up button at the upper right corner of the page to access the sign-up options.

Github, crypto wallet and email are supported for creating an account. For hackers, we recommend you to connect the account to your github to make more people know what you are building at any time.

  • You may be asked to receive a verification code via email. The email may take some time to arrive. No worries! The code will not expire in 10 minutes when you click “send code”.

2. Go to https://dorahacks.io/aptos/round-4/buidl and click “Apply for the Grant”.

  • If you already have a BUIDL on DoraHacksa. Choose your BUIDL project from "Apply with Existing BUIDL" and identify the track you want to join.
  • Create a BUIDL project if you are new to DoraHacksa. Click “Create a new BUIDL”.b. Enter the application page and fill in the information as required.c. Don't forget to check "I agree to the User Agreement" and click “Submit Grant Application”.d. Back to the Application main tab. Choose your BUIDL project via "Apply with Existing BUIDL".

When submission succeeds, you'll see this notification.

Project Verification

Wait! Don't just leave your BUIDL here and forget about it. Please contact DoraHacks staff on Telegram @dorahacksofficial for project verification and promotional support. We'll make every BUIDL a poster and arrange live project demo session for you via Youtube Live/Binance Live. Don't let go the chance to receive huge visibility!

Or, you can also reach us out by finding any admin at DoraHacks Discord

How to update/iterate BUIDL information

Click [Avatar] -> [Profile] to enter the Account Center, and click the "Edit" button on the top right of the BUIDL to update the BUIDL information.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain developer communities. Committed to a global hacker movement with around 20K global monthly active users, it provides crypto-native toolkits to help BUIDLers get funded for their ideas and products.

By far, nearly 3000 projects on DoraHacks.io have received over $18 million in prizes and funding from supporters worldwide. 20+ major blockchain ecosystems and dozens of open source communities and DAOs are using Dora's infrastructure for quadratic funding grants, hackathons, community contribution, bounty, and the governance of their communities.

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