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Aptos Grant DAO Round 1

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  • 42281Votes received

  • 6241.8 APTCommunity contribution

  • 4,000 APTMatching pool

All Tracks

Tracks of open funding in this round

  • NFT / Gaming

  • Defi

  • Infrastructure / Tooling

  • Community / DAO

  • Move Native

FREE Aptos API for BUIDLers!🎁

Application form: https://forms.gle/YLVtXC5Sy3SKH8Ex5

All the applicants will be offered 🆓 FREE API credits (unlimited in 45 days) during the AptosGrantDAO funding program, supporting its early eco-building. APIs can be used for quick onchain searching, indexing, etc..

Table of Contents

○ Introducing Aptos Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program
○ Timeline
○ Eligibility
○ How to Apply
○ Round 1 Tracks
○ Judging Criteria
○ Grants and Quadratic Funding
○ About Aptos Grant DAO
○ Contact Us

Introducing Aptos Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program

From Nov 7th, DoraHacks will launch its long-term funding program for early Aptos BUIDLers - Aptos Grant DAO! The program looks forward to the brightest minds of all tracks to enrich the Aptos ecosystem and get funded. Judging and girant-giving will happen periodically, and in the first judging round, the grant pool will be 30000 USD as BUIDLer Grants plus 4000 APT as extra community quadratic voting grant pool!

Meanwhile, Aptos Grant DAO will also be a part of DoraHacks’ long-term program funding BUIDLers in various blockchain ecosystems, as DoraHacks’ innovation to empower the everlasting hacker movement.


  • Project Submission: November 7th ~ long-term
  • Judging[Round 1]: December 4th ~ December 8th (results announced on Dec 8th)
  • Grant winner project demo: December 8th to December 14th
  • Community Voting [1st round]: December 8th to December 20th
  • Grace Period for Anti-Sybil Attack Check: December 20th to December 25th
  • Result Announcement: December 25th

Entry to Aptos Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program will be always open for application, but application review and fund distribution will happen periodically in sequential rounds as follows.


1- Your project must be running on the Aptos blockchain (testnet/devnet/mainnet).

2- You must submit a project with its Github repo.

3- Your project must be original.

4- Your project have not raised Round A funding.

How to Apply

1- Submit project information

After submission, please pin @dorahacksofficial on Telegram to verify that you’re the project owner.

2- After judging, selected projects will be visible at https://dorahacks.io/aptos/1/ to receive votes from the community.

3- Entry to Aptos Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program will be always open for application, but application review and fund distribution will happen periodically in sequential rounds. The first round goes from Nov 7th to Dec 8th, 2022.

Round 1 Tracks


ANY decentralized, compatible and legit financial products on Aptos.


ANY Infrastructure and tools that can strengthen Aptos’ current stack, Dapp development and user experience.


ANY DAO/Community infrastructure and application including DAO building schemes, tooling, governance, voting mechanism, etc..

NFT / Gaming

ANY NFT/Gaming-centered projects and innovative ideas.

Move Native

ANY works based on native MOVE applications or theories contributing to MOVE

Judging Criteria

Judges will score considering the following aspects:

  • Aptos Alignment
  • Level of Public Goods
  • Business model
  • Innovation
  • Technicality
  • Research and Application of cutting-edge blockchain/cryptology theories.

Grants and Quadratic Funding

The total grant pool is divided into BUIDLer Grants and community quadratic funding pool.

  • BUIDLer Grants: 30000 USD

The grant winners are selected according to judges’ scoring results.

  • First Rank Grantees: 2000 USD

  • Second Rank Grantees: 1000 USD

  • Rising Star: 500 USD

  • Community Quadratic Funding Pool: 4000 APT

  • First Rank Grantees and Second Rank Grantees will enter the community quadratic voting round.

The grant pool in 4000 APT will be distributed based on quadratic funding algorithm, namely the popularity of the grantee projects. The more the voters, the bigger matching grant the project will earn. Meanwhile, all the cost of voting will be sent to the project directly as community funding

So the total grant you can potentially hunt for:

  • $2000/1000/500 in BUIDLer Grant
  • Plus Quadratic funding matching grant (4000 APT in total)
  • Plus Community contribution from supporters (in APT, not limited)

*Due diligence will be conducted on the eligibility of every round grantee from Aptos Grant DAO. DoraHacks reserves the rights of any revocation/adjustment of the grants.

About Aptos Grant DAO

Aptos Grant DAO is a long-term early-stage project funding program initiated by DoraHacks, focusing on Aptos blockchain. It’s part of DoraHacks’ Staking as Public Goods initiative to fund BUIDLers using profits generated from staking and help them further contribute to ecosystem building, as DoraHacks’ innovation to empower the everlasting hacker movement.

Contact Us

1. How to contact the DoraHacks team?

2. How do I get information about the progress of an event/BUIDL?