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Updated 9 hours ago


Create. Presale. NFT Collections Instantly


Neo-Mint is built on the Neo N3 blockchain, designed to revolutionise the way creators and artists engage with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).
The project's primary objective is to empower creators to effortlessly create NFT collections and provide them with dedicated minting pages, all without the need for coding skills.
Neo-Mint opens up new opportunities for creators to instantly share their creations with their audience and start selling NFTs. As of now, the DAPP is accessible exclusively to NEO-Line wallet users.

Contract Script Hash (Neo N3 Testnet): 0xa9424aa573605c103d976fd6b3ca2ecd2fdf9229

Key Features:

No-Code NFT Collection Creation: Neo-Mint simplifies the process of NFT collection creation by eliminating the need for coding skills. Creators can easily create their collections and mint NFTs with a few simple steps.


Dedicated Minting Pages: Creators are provided with dedicated minting pages for their collections. These pages allow creators to showcase their NFTs in a unique and engaging way.


Admin Features for Creators:

  1. Mint Cost Adjustment: Creators can modify the minting cost for their NFTs to adapt to market conditions.

  2. Ownership Transfer: Creators have the flexibility to transfer ownership of their collections.

  3. Supply Updates: Creators can adjust the total supply of their NFTs as needed.

  4. Sales Withdrawal: Creators can withdraw the proceeds from NFT sales directly from the contract.

  5. Metadata URI Updates: Creators can update the metadata URI of their NFTs, ensuring that their collections remain dynamic.


Financial Model:

Neo-Mint operates on a transparent and creator-friendly business model. Creators are charged only the network fee when creating collections. There are no additional fees during the collection creation process. Instead, Neo-Mint charges a minimal 1% fee on every NFT minted by their audience or minters. The remaining 99% goes directly into the NEP-11 contract, allowing creators to withdraw their earnings at their convenience using the admin-only feature.

User Experience:

Users of Neo-Mint can explore a wide array of NFT collections on the platform. The user interface is user-friendly, enabling visitors to filter their search results based on criteria such as mint cost, owner, and collection name. This seamless browsing experience encourages users to discover and engage with NFTs created by talented artists and creators.

Technical Aspects:

Neo-Mint's technical foundation is built on a Factory Contract that handles the creation of NEP-11 NFT collections. This contract also accumulates the 1% fee discussed earlier, ensuring a fair and secure flow of platform fees.
The project leverages the power and efficiency of the Neo N3 blockchain to provide a robust and scalable platform for NFT creation and minting.

What's next:

There are lot of features planned for Neo-Mint:

  1. NEO-FS Integration: We will be integrating NEO-FS for secure file uploads and metadata storage. This enhancement will ensure that creators can store and manage their NFT assets with even greater security and efficiency.

  2. Support for Multiple Wallets: To expand accessibility, Neo-Mint will introduce support for multiple wallets. This means that creators and users can connect their preferred wallets to the platform, enhancing the overall user experience.

  3. Allowlist Feature for Tiered Sale Models: Neo-Mint will be introducing an allowlist feature. Creators will have the option to implement tiered sale models, giving priority access to specific audiences for their NFT drops.

Challenges faced during development of Neo-mint:

  1. Neo-mint extensively relies on Contract Management Class within NEO. I had to do extensive research in this area. Neo Discord developer community helped a lot in clarifying doubts and directing to correct resources.
  2. In the beginning, major challenge was to run NEO private-net on my Apple Silicon Mac due to configuration issues. Again NEO's discord server helped, On searching I found thread of someone already resolving that issue.

Team Information

Jaymanyoo Singh Chouhan, fullstack web & smart-contract developer, with experience of 4+ years. Worked on 60+ Web-apps & 10+ Mobile apps.