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Updated 66 days ago
Updated 66 days ago


The perfect telegram bot for fraxlend customers and users to get daily notifications and get information.


Frax Bot is a Telegram bot powered by RASA that provides convenient access to the status of Frax wallets. Users can effortlessly view the current status of their Frax wallet and subscribe to receive daily notifications about subscribed wallet(s). Managing subscriptions is a breeze, allowing users to subscribe and unsubscribe from multiple wallets at any time. Frax Bot ensures a seamless conversational experience by tracking user history, identifying returning users, and keeping a record of subscribed wallets.

Rasa for the win - Rasa bots utilize trained models to understand user inputs, predict intents, extract entities, and determine the appropriate actions or responses. The bot can maintain context and carry out a meaningful conversation by tracking the dialogue history and considering previous user inputs. With Rasa in backend, Frax Bot endaevours to engage with users in real-time conversations, responding to their inputs and guiding them through the dialogue flow.

Frax bot is also user-friendly as it provides the users with options at every stage, depending on their requests and earlier interactions with the bot. User can select appropriate options to steer the conversation in the intended direction and accomplish their task. The user can also type in their request in stead of choosing any option prompted by the bot. The bot will try to map the request to the right (or most similar) task and proceed the conversation. Thus, Frax bot is able to achieve flexibility without losing its simplicity

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The current demo doesn't work due to cloud provider issues. Which will be fixed within 4 days

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