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Updated 74 days ago
Ethereum · Chainlink · Metamask · NFT · Defi · X-2-Earn · Liquid Staking · Stable Coin


Secure Your Future with FRAX-Backed Insurance: Shielded from Inflation, Covered for Life!



  1. The inspiration behind creating FraxShield, the Decentralised Insurance Platform, stems from a vision to bring transformative change to the insurance industry.
  2. FRAX, as a stablecoin, played a pivotal role in shaping the concept of FraxShield. Its stability and peg to a value of 1 USD made it an ideal candidate to serve as the primary currency within the insurance ecosystem. Leveraging FRAX tokens allowed us to offer users the ability to lock their tokens, earning them valuable discounts on insurance premiums. Additionally, enabling customers to purchase insurance premiums in the form of NFTs using FRAX further enhanced the platform's versatility and ease of use.
  3. FraxShield stands out with its inflation-protected insurance coverage. By using the stability of FRAX tokens, where 1FRAX equals 1 USD, and incorporating truflation data, we ensure policyholders' purchasing power is safeguarded against inflation's impact. This combination of FRAX and truflation sets FraxShield apart, providing customers with peace of mind and reliable financial security.
  4. Specifically, I was inspired by the following features of FRAX tokens:
  • Stability: FRAX tokens are designed to be stable, even in the face of market volatility. This makes them a good fit for insurance payments, which need to be reliable and predictable.
  • Collateralization: FRAX tokens are collateralized by both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. This provides an additional layer of security, in case the value of the FRAX token fluctuates.
  • Transparency: The FRAX protocol is open source, which means that anyone can audit it. This ensures that the protocol is secure and transparent.

So I believe that FRAX tokens have the potential to revolutionize the insurance industry. With FraxShield, we can create a more accessible, affordable, and secure insurance system for everyone.


Model of FraxBuild Screenshot

Here are the key points highlighting what FraxShield does

  • FraxShield is a Decentralised Insurance Platform designed for the FraxBuild Hackathon.
  • Users can lock Frax tokens, earning them discounts on insurance premiums as an incentive to participate.
  • The platform allows users to purchase insurance premiums in the form of NFTs using FRAX tokens, a stablecoin with a 1:1 peg to the USD.
  • When customers make insurance claims, the platform reviews and facilitates payment to the policy owner in FRAX tokens.
  • FraxShield's unique feature is its inflation-protected insurance coverage, mitigating the risk of inflation eroding the policyholder's purchasing power.
  • The insurance premium is calculated based on the inflation value of 1 USD, obtained using truflation, an off-chain mechanism tracking real-world inflation rates, the inflation data is regularly updated using chainlink automation.
  • By leveraging the stability of FRAX tokens and incorporating truflation data, FraxShield ensures customers' assets are safeguarded against the impact of inflation, providing them with confidence and financial security.

Through this innovative blend of NFTs, FRAX , Truflation data, and ChainLink automation, FraxSurance crafts an insurance platform that harmonizes convenience, security,risk-free environment and inflation protection. By putting the power back into the hands of the users, this visionary project enculcates the spirit of technological advancement and a genuine commitment to empowering individuals and businesses in their pursuit of comprehensive insurance coverage.

Benifits of choosing FraxShield, as your Insurance platform.

  1. Stability and Trust: FRAX is a stablecoin, pegged to the value of 1 USD, providing users with stability and confidence in their transactions. The platform's reliance on FRAX ensures a reliable and predictable value for insurance premiums, reducing the uncertainty associated with fluctuating cryptocurrency prices.
  2. Inflation Protection: FraxShield's integration with truflation data allows it to calculate insurance premiums based on the inflation value of 1 USD. This unique feature protects policyholders from the eroding effects of inflation, preserving the real value of their coverage over time.
  3. Discounts and Incentives: By enabling users to lock Frax tokens, the platform offers discounts on insurance premiums, incentivizing token holders to participate actively in the insurance ecosystem. These discounts provide tangible benefits to users, encouraging greater engagement.
  4. Flexible Insurance Purchase: FraxShield allows users to buy insurance premiums in the form of NFTs using FRAX tokens. This introduces flexibility in policy management, giving users greater control over their coverage and fostering a user-centric insurance experience.
  5. Decentralization and Transparency: As a decentralized insurance platform, FraxShield leverages blockchain technology, ensuring transparency in policy terms, claims, and payouts. Users can trust the platform's integrity, knowing that it operates without the centralized control of traditional insurers.
  6. Reducing Costs and Intermediaries: The absence of intermediaries in FraxShield streamlines insurance processes, reducing administrative overhead and costs. This cost-efficiency benefits both the platform and its users, potentially leading to more competitive insurance premiums.
  7. Strong Community Support: FRAX has a vibrant and engaged community that actively contributes to its growth and adoption. This community-driven support fosters innovation and continuous improvement, enhancing the platform's resilience and attractiveness.
  8. Interoperability: The compatibility of FRAX with various DeFi platforms and smart contract standards allows for seamless integration with NFTs and other DeFi applications. This interoperability facilitates frictionless insurance transactions and expands the platform's use cases.
  9. Accessible to All: With FraxShield, insurance becomes accessible to a broader audience, including those who might have been underserved by traditional insurance providers. The ease of transacting in FRAX and the flexibility in premium purchase open up insurance services to a more diverse user base.
  10. Innovation in DeFi: FraxShield's integration of stablecoin technology, NFTs, and truflation data showcases innovative advancements within the DeFi space. The platform's forward-thinking approach positions it as a pioneer in the intersection of insurance and blockchain technologies.


Throughout the development of FraxSurance, my solo journey was filled with challenges that shaped me into a stronger and more resilient individual. Integrating multiple complex technologies like Solidity, Hardhat, FRAX Token, Truflation, and ChainLink posed a significant hurdle. However, I embraced these challenges as opportunities for growth, dedicating countless hours to research, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Approaching each obstacle with unwavering determination, I overcame these challenges, creating a platform that seamlessly integrates various technologies and ensures reliable and inflation-protected insurance coverage. This solo endeavor has honed my ability to transform obstacles into opportunities and showcases my commitment to excellence. It demonstrates my capacity to overcome challenges, push beyond limitations, and create something extraordinary.


As the sole participant and creator of this project, my journey has been a remarkable one, expanding my technical expertise in the world of blockchain and decentralized applications. Through this solo endeavor, I have learned key concepts and skills related to FRAX Stable Coin,ChainLink, Truflation, NFT, DEFI and more. Integrating FRAX Stable Coin enabled the minting of NFTs for insurance purchases and facilitated premium and claims payments and also allowed users to lock their FRAX stable coin to get exciting discounts and interest. This experience familiarized me with blockchain-based token ecosystems, including minting, transaction management, and the seamless flow of FRAX Stable Coins within the insurance ecosystem. Working with Truflation/Chainlink provided me with a profound understanding of leveraging inflation data to calculate inflation-adjusted premiums. I fetched and processed real-time inflation data, allowing the platform to dynamically adjust premiums based on economic conditions, providing users with reliable protection.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR FraxSurance ?

  1. Scaling and Global Adoption: Our next focus is to scale FraxSurance to a wider global user base. We plan to establish strategic partnerships and execute targeted marketing efforts to reach users worldwide, spreading awareness about our decentralized insurance platform.
  2. Continuous Innovation: We aim to continually innovate and enhance FraxSurance. New features like customizable insurance packages, smart contract-based claims processing, and real-time inflation-based premium adjustments will be introduced to elevate the platform's functionality and user experience.
  3. Expanded Insurance Offerings: Our vision includes expanding the range of insurance products offered on FraxSurance. We plan to introduce property insurance, health insurance, and specialized coverage tailored to specific industries, catering to diverse insurance needs.
  4. Community Engagement and Education: To foster a thriving community, we will conduct webinars, workshops, and meetups to educate users about the benefits of decentralized insurance. This engagement will encourage active participation and feedback from our growing community.
  5. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with insurance providers, financial institutions, and blockchain projects is a priority for us. These partnerships will enrich the platform by integrating additional data sources, enhancing capabilities, and driving widespread adoption.
  6. Enhanced User Experience: We are dedicated to enhancing user satisfaction by continuously refining FraxSurance's user interface. Our goal is to make it more intuitive, seamless, and accessible, catering to users of all backgrounds.
  7. Security and Compliance: The security of our users' data and compliance with regulatory standards are paramount. We will implement robust security measures to instill trust and confidence in FraxSurance, ensuring a safe environment for all users.

As we progress, these initiatives will empower FraxSurance to reach new heights and establish itself as a leading decentralized insurance platform, providing reliable and innovative solutions to the global community.

Team Information

I'm hacking solo. I have contributed in whole idea, smart contract creation,implementation and frontend creation and integration smart contract with frontend.