Revest Protocol veFXS/ veFPIS

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Updated 93 days ago

Ethereum · Defi · Liquid Staking
Updated 93 days ago
Ethereum · Defi · Liquid Staking


Liquid Staking NFT for ve-FXS/FPIS


This BUIDL builds on the vesting/yield system of veFXS from the Frax Ecosystem, using Revest core technology. The product allows users to deposit FXS/FPIS into the veFXS/veFPIS vault and receive an FNFT (Financial FNFT) as a record of their deposit (amount, timelock, and even yield calculated in real-time). Users can deposit additional amounts, extend their locking time, and claim yield natively from their FNFTs. As the veFXS/veFPIS balance is attached to the FNFT's smart wallet address, users are able to sell or lend their veFXS/veFPIS positions to others. For users who have already locked FPIS, we also allow them to migrate their existing lock to our FNFT system.

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Team Information

Rob is the CEO and the Founder of Revest Finance, responsible for the core ideas of the product as well as core system of Revest. Thanh is a solidity dev of the team, responsible for building the product, including smart contracts as well as front-end.