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Chainlink · Defi · Liquid Staking · Balancer


Perps powered by LSTs. LSTs powered by perps rewards.


Zaros is a groundbreaking protocol that seamlessly places itself at the intersection of liquid staking and perpetual futures markets. With a vision focused on real yield and capital efficiency, Zaros empowers Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) holders to boost their rewards by lending their liquidity for the creation of perps markets.

The protocol is a massive upgrade to the world of onchain perpetual futures by introducing a USDC and sfrxETH collateral Vaults, and a over collateralized stablecoin: zrsUSD.

The USDC Vault is connected with Zaros' AMO module, which integrates with the Balancer Vault in order to bootstrap spot liquidity for zrsUSD. The sfrxETH Vault backs a share of protocol controlled zrsUSD. Traders can buy zrsUSD to create leveraged positions on Zaros' perpetual futures markets.

With a mission of being the most attractive destination for Ethereum Liquid Staking Tokens, Zaros strives to become the liquidity nexus for onchain derivatives and equipping powerful solutions for users in a dynamic and evolving DeFi environment.

Team Information

Guilherme Bettanin - CEO Pedro Bergamini - CTO