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Updated 12 days ago
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Creating an AI prompt marketplace on a decentralized chain, fueled and sustained by Web3 tokenomics.

We believe that AI and Web3 together can bring unprecedented changes to the online economy. In the use case of the generative AI industry, it will be exciting to create a prompt marketplace on a decentralized chain, fueled and sustained by Web3 tokenomics.

MEGAxis team observed a huge potential market for prompt engineers in the future. As OpenAI, Midjourney and many other AI generative tools have taken the stage recently, we see the rampant growth in demand for high-quality prompts that can help train AI models to produce accurate and useful results. However, creating effective prompts requires a deep understanding of the nuances of language and context, as well as the large language model . It can be a challenging task to craft prompts that are precise and unambiguous. Furthermore, developing effective prompts is not a one-time task. As AI models continue to learn and evolve, there is a need for ongoing refinement and optimization of prompts. Talents will be urgently needed to craft good prompts.

Tokenizing prompts can actualize the potential market. MEGAxis can create a marketplace where prompt engineers can earn tokens for creating and selling high-quality prompts. The better their prompts perform, the more valuable their tokens become. MEGAxis can also use Web3 tokenomics to create a community around the platform. For example, users who hold tokens could be given voting rights on platform decisions, upvote and downvote prompts. This not only makes the platform more fun for users, but also encourages community engagement and investment in the platform's success.

The industrial value of tokenizing prompts is that it will make the AI industry fairer, more accurate, and more efficient. MEGAxis creates a level playing field where developers of all sizes can contribute to the industry and earn income from their work. This can also allow developers to build upon existing prompts, avoid common mistakes, and refine their models to be more accurate. By using existing NFTs and building on them to create more advanced models, developers can save time, reduce costs, and ultimately lead to faster development of AI models.

MEGAxis uses smart contracts written in Solidity, deployed by hardhat. We're building on the multiple testnets. We store our NFT data on IPFS.

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