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DAO / Community · Infra / API


We have obtained the qualification to confer a bachelor's degree, but we are eager for more...


We provide you with free Ethereum courses, educational resources, and educational email with the suffix: lightmodel.png At the same time, as a student welfare. Notion will provide you with a free advanced version, Microsoft will provide you with a free Office suite, and Github will provide you with a student developer package. Get moving and start learning Ethereum knowledge immediately!

I am looking for developers who are interested in participating in and maintaining this project, as I do not have time to set up email and manage servers. This project is completely free and is based on user donations to pay for server fees.

Purpose of funds:

1.Fully free. edu email service for all Ethereum users (only need to link their own wallets) 2.Find volunteers and organize Ethereum educational resources 3.Collect and purchase more edu domain names as backups, and hope to turn this project into a legally registered community university in a country


All donations received for this project will be fully invested in the specific construction of the project, and the donations received will not be used for labor costs or travel expenses.

This project will not issue coins!!!

Please be rational and participate in this project with your love for the Ethereum community

If you think this is cool, please contact: