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Updated 61 days ago
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SitYEA.io - We help computer users to avoid back pain.

SitYEA.io - We help computer users to avoid back pain. We’re on a mission to become a leading health app for daily computer users. There are numerous apps for walking, jogging, or even sleeping, and we're here to take over the sitting area, which is yet undertaken!

  • 70% of office workers spend >5 hrs/day sitting on computers, which causes back problems and 14+ other diseases.
  • In China 70M people experience back pain
  • Americans spent $134 billion on healing back-related problems.

We developed AI which analyzes a posture through a webcam, notifies to sit correctly and do proper breaks. Product alpha is live for Windows users, Mac OS is under development. Crypto wallet integration, token and NFTs on testnet are also done. Freelancers, traders, or any office workers are perfect users.

We will merge WEB 2.0 revenues from monthly subscriptions + WEB 3.0 token and NFT sales, which would maximize revenue for our investors/shareholders.

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