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Prove you own an NFT anonymously


TLDR: Prove you own an NFT anonymously and.... profit!

Inspiration: A popular discord called Collab.land required users to have an NFT to join. People got hacked because they used their private wallets to interact with Discord. Lesson learned -- applications must be limited from directly touching our wallets!

ZK-Tickets offers use cases for:

  • Anonymous DAO voting
  • Whistleblowers protection
  • Discord private channels
  • Metaverse private events
  • Nobody knows you're a whale

How it works: You stake your NFT or ERC-1155 in the ZK-Tickets smart contract. The contract will add you to a whitelist. In the contract, a commitment is added to an Incremental Binary Tree which can be verified via Circom based on the Groth16 protocol.

Then, you can generate a proof (a cryptographic string) using our frontend. You can think of the proof as a one-time-use password which can be used the next time you need to prove you own an NFT, vote, or enter a discord!

Team Information

Aya Tsukabino - react developer Juliana Mei - full stack developer John May - solidity writer