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Execute And Query XCM Transfers

XCMonitor - The simple way to execute and analyze XCM token transfers

XCMonitor is a dApp that allows the user to transfer tokens between constituent Parachains and Relay Chains via the Cross Consensus Messing Format (XCM).

Two kinds of vertical message-passing transport protocols have been used in the project:

  • UMP (Upward Message Passing): This allows parachains to send messages to their relay chain.
  • DMP (Downward Message Passing): This allows the relay chain to pass messages down to one of its parachains.

In addition, the project has used:

  • HMRP (Horizontal Relay-routed Message Passing): This allows the parachains to exchange messages with other parachains on the same relay chain.

XCM Explorer and SubQuery Indexing: An explorer has been built to help analyse XCM transactions. Extensive use of SubQuery has been used to show all metadata information involved in the transfer path.

To showcase the project, Kusama (relay chain), Karura (parachain) and Moonriver (parachain) were used.

Created for the following bounties of the Moonriver Grant Hackathon:

  • Grand Prize - XCM Cross-Chain Explorer.
  • Indexers Core Bounty - Integrate On-Chain Data with the Help of Indexers.
    • Moonriver Grant Hackathon

      Closed  · 2022/03/22 16:00 - 2022/05/23 14:00
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