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XC-20 explorer and other Moon Data
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Data for moonbeam including xc20 transactions

Showcase some graphql or other data source for moonbeam that I build.

Main project

XC-20 explorer: This will track every deposit, withdrawal, transfer and balance of XC-20 token. XC-20 tokens are native tokens with ERC20 interface. However, it is difficult to track their movements such as deposits and withdrawals via XCM. This project would provide a webpage to view most recent XC-20 transactions and also for an account. The ui is on vercel data is on subquery.

A few things were not included in the demo video

  • Load more button at the bottom of tables to show more results
  • Balance table has been added to account page
  • Transfer table now include age of transaction


  • Unified blockchain explorer: This started from a different hackathon but there are a number of issues with this project. The explorer is here and moonriver data can be queried here. The subql have been extended to moonbeam but not yet deployed cause there are some issues such as missing block author, token name and symbols etc which I'm still figuring out.

  • Delegation analytics: This subquery would serve as the basis for providing analytics on staking on moonbeam. To complete the dashboard, there would be another query service to replace the default graphql with postgres query for flexibility. And it would be deployed on a custom server. However, the data seems ready as block authors was added recently (for APY estimation).

In the future, all this can be unified into an ultimate explorer for moonbeam. If you'll like to see an explorer then join us on discord

    • Moonriver Grant Hackathon

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