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MoonID provides Web3.0 users in the Moonriver eco-system with an integrated identity profile dashboard to show their assets, NFT collections and other on-chain activities. Simultaneously, it enables the social attributes behind the data.

As Moonriver eco-system continuously grows and develops, users have more and more siloed and fragmented personal data across a myriad of products and services. With MoonID, users could have their historical data integrated into an aggregated profile (ID), thus using it for connections and interactions with other users within the Moonriver eco-system.

Easy to Use:

Users connects themselves with MoonID via their wallets. Currently, polkadot wallet and MetaMask wallet are supported.

Multi-Features of MoonID:

MID1- Profile dashboard:
  • Following on-chain & off-chain data are collected and shown in real time in one’s MoonID profile dashboard:
    • Treasure: balance of on-chain crypto assets, DeFi assets
    • Artistry: collected NFTs
    • Vitality: parachain crowdloan contributions, staking data, links to web2.0 networks like incl. twitter, personal webpage, email, etc.
  • Based on one’s on-chain data and their connections to the above mentioned web2.0 networks, system calculates three scores, each for treasure, artistry and vitality.
  • Users could deactivate the demonstrability of part of their data in their system at any time.
MID2- Connection: Beside the profile dashboard, MoonID enables users to connect and interact with other users in multiple-ways:
  • User could search for a random address and view their profiles.
  • MoonID provides a ranking system, based on the three scores of users, so that they find and choose the ones whom they are interested in to follow.
  • Users could contact others with messages, email, twitter etc, if these options are activated by the contactees.
MID3-Built-in Community/DAO (to be developed):

MoonID offers several embedded communities and DAOs that users could join based on their interests. Moreover, the users could also initiates new communities or DAOs once there are more than 10 users shares the same proposals (via MoonID DAO voting system)

    • Moonriver Grant Hackathon

      Closed  · 2022/03/22 16:00 - 2022/05/23 14:00
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