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NFTs Showcase & Mint Dapp on Moonriver
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NFT DApp on Moonriver where users can view their NFT collections, Mint & Transfer "MoonriverPixel" NFTs and share link of their collection to others

Description of project sections:

  • Home page: Contains brief information about the project;
  • NFT Collection Showcase page: On this page, owners of NFTs from Moonriver can view their collections. Also they can create and share a user-friendly link for their collections;
  • Mint NFT page: Here, users can mint a new MoonriverPixel NFT and transfer them to other wallet. The NFT itself is a square picture filled with pixels. The color and size of the pixels can be selected, and when the corresponding button is pressed, a new image is generated with random colors for the pixels. After connecting the wallet, users can mint NFTs;
  • 3D gallery: This is a 3D gallery in the browser, where users can also look at their collections, but in 3D form. Users can walk through this gallery and admire the NFTs on the gallery walls using the keyboard (WASD) and mouse.
    • Moonriver Grant Hackathon

      Closed  · 2022/03/22 16:00 - 2022/05/23 14:00
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