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Hero Arena
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Hero Arena is a DOTA inspired blockchain RPG game where anyone can play and earn tokens through skilled gameplay and ecosystem engagement

Hero Arena is a DOTA-inspired blockchain Metaverse RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain where anyone can play and earn tokens through gameplay and ecosystem engagement. In Hero Arena, players recruit and train heroes to join campaigns and battle with each other. Heroes come in three classes with their strengths and weaknesses. Heroes can become stronger throughout the game as they level up and are equipped with NFT items. The project has 2 tokens: $HERA & $HEGEM. HERA is the main token, players can trade, use $HERA for staking, farming and buy NFT to play games and earn. $HEGEM can be earned through in-game activities and transferred to the player’s wallet.

Key Feature:

Play to earn: Players do their quests daily to get HEGEM: Treasure, Boss, Arena, Golden Tree,...

Marketplace: Hero NFTs can be traded for HERA in Marketplace, the Higher level the NFT, the more valuable it will be. Heroes & Items can be upgraded to increase their levels.

Staking: Users after buying NFT Hero can bring that NFT to lock it to the stake, the time of staking is proportional to that Hero will increase experience and stats, in addition, the user will also receive HERA token

Free to Play: An interesting feature is about to be released, players can play games and earn HEGEM for free without having to spend money to buy NFTs

Scholarship: Hero Arena cooperates with the famous and reputable Gaming Guild in the GameFi community, to provide scholarships to guild players, thereby increasing the number of users, increasing Hero Arena's coverage in the GameFi and Crypto communities

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