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multiplayer Web3 ARPG built with Unreal Engine


MoonScape is a simple, Unreal-based Web3 based ARPG deployed in-broswer via a React web app, with realtime multiplayer and network replication.

Our project augments Unreal Engine with web3 functionality such as wallet-based login and user management, as well as programmatic NFT minting and trading triggered via in-game events and actions.

We demonstrate this being used for a mirrored in-game + on-chain inventory system, allowing for P2P NFT trading via an MMO-style trading interface. Picking up in-game loot can also trigger the minting of a corresponding NFT for on-chain inventory. An Unreal developer could use this functionality as the basis for more complex game mechanics such as crafting.

Our video demonstrates the game using Polygon, but it also supports Ethereum and could easily be expanded to other EVM-compatible chains.

MoonScape is 100% original and any similarity to actual flash-based MMOs is purely coincidental.