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Automate your DeFi strategies across chains, earn more with our autostaking feature

DeFiHelper (DFH) is a non-custodial DeFi investment tool that automates basic investment features, and simplifies the complex world of DeFi investing. We are designed to be a cross-chain tool - we use ETH, BSC, Avalanche, Matic and Waves, and we aim to incorporate more soon.

Project Features:

-- A live portfolio tracker (cross-chain - to see all your wallets and investments on one screen). -- No-code automations builder (for things such as Stop-Loss or Take Profit). -- Smart notifications, to keep you in the loop.
-- Auto-staking based on a unique mathematical model (https://defihelper.io/static/media/Math_Behind_DeFiHelper.pdf) which effectively auto-compounds interest without lifting a finger. -- We are also developing our ‘scenarios marketplace’, which will allow experienced users to script successful investment strategies, and new users to copy them, giving the author a share of the profits.

Business Plan:

Our business plan is simple - we charge $1 for every automated action, and we also sell notifications in batches. We do this because we truly believe the future of blockchain is not to charge a percentage of the transaction as a fee for doing the same job. In the future, we will add our ‘scenarios marketplace’, which will allow our users to script strategies for other users to implement, with both the creator of the strategy and ourselves earning commission.

    • Moonriver Grant Hackathon

      Closed  · 2022/03/22 16:00 - 2022/05/23 14:00
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      Closed  · 2022/03/20 16:00 - 2022/05/05 13:00
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