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Updated 562 days ago

A Unique NFT Platform Where you can buy pixels nft and upload your own image

What are metaverse pixels?

Metaverse pixels is an nft related platform running on CRONOS that is divided into two phases: Phase 1: The Grid During phase 1 you will be able to select the empty blocks on the grid and buy that blocks to post your image (with link and detail if you want) on it paying the block cost in CRO. You will receive an NFT (1 MetaPixels) that represents the part of the grid that you bought, your block will be forever saved on the blockchain, and after the content review process the values of the image, detail, and link too, and nobody can change that (until a new change request that only the owner can trigger) The images are uploaded to the IPFS Network you can see more info here: https://docs.ipfs.io/concepts/what-is-ipfs/ Note: The image, link, and detail (for buy and update) needs to pass a review process to check if are following the platform rules, normally it takes 24/48 hours Phase 2: The Updater The updater is a phase that will allow the owners of MetaPixels NFT (grid blocks) to request a change on the Pixel data, you will be able to request an update paying the update cost in CRO. Phase 3: Marketplace The marketplace will allow all NTF MetaPixels owners (grid blocks) to publish sell orders on it, they can specify any price (in CRO) and when some person buys its NFT they will receive the CRO amount for the transaction. Phase 4: Airdrop All NFT MetaPixels owners will receive the future community token depending on how big is the block that they have. Phase 5: VR Metaverse We plan to create a VR metaverse application in the future where you can see the NFT metapixels that you have and provide you tools to build on the metaverse world

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