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Barbershop Finance
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This new spin on the concept of yield farming attracts users seeking to unleash their inner barber. Not everyone was born to work the land, but we can all appreciate a well styled hair do. From afro to a-line, beehive to bouffant, luscious locks to bic’d bald - Barbershop patrons decide how to sculpt their HAIR.

Barbershop Finance is a DeFi yield farm that utilizes Polygon’s high speed, low gas infrastructure. With a focus on ease of use, clean design, and relatable concepts, growing hair on the blockchain is a fun new way to introduce new and old users to automated market makers in a new light.

    • Polygon-Grants Hackathon Round-1

      Closed  · 2021/08/30 12:00 - 2021/11/19 13:30
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