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DoraHacks & Evmos: Supporting Dapp Growth on EVMOS

DoraHacks & Evmos: Supporting Dapp Growth on EVMOS

George Pagonis, Steve Ngok

DoraHacks is excited to announce their partnership with Evmos, a high-performance EVM-based blockchain. This partnership is expected to bring great benefits to the Evmos ecosystem and support growth within the ecosystem.

This strategic partnership between DoraHacks and Evmos is expected to bring several benefits to the Evmos ecosystem. DoraHacks has a strong network of experts and innovators in the Web3 space. DoraHacks aims to leverage their platform and renowned hackathon community to attract, and encourage developers to onboard into the Ecmos ecosystem.

This will support more developers building dApps and smart contracts on the Evmos platform, leading to a more vibrant and active developer community. Additionally, the partnership will also provide DoraHacks with an opportunity to work closely with Evmos and contribute to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

DoraHacks will be hosting an Evmos hackathon on our native platform beginning 1st May 2023, offering various bounties, quadratic funding, and other community governance/funding toolkits. The team at DoraHacks will co-host workshops and demo sessions with the Evmos team and their partners for the Web3 community to gain some insight into the Cosmos and Evmos ecosystems and gain some know-hows about BUIDLing within Evmos.

The DoraHacks team will also launch an Evmos GrantDAO program, which is a community driven initiative, supporting BUIDLers who are building innovative solutions within the ecosystem. This model allows the Evmos and DoraHacks communities to participate in the voting process and decision making of which projects they would like to see receive some funding to support these early stage teams. This is a long term sustainable model which will allow developers to continue BUILDing whilst receiving rewards as they progress through key milestones on the roadmaps.

“The Evmos team is eager to work with the Dora community and onboard new developers into the ecosystem with the support of the DoraHacks team. We believe that we will have a successful partnership together and through the hackathons and grantDAO programs that we will host together, we are looking forward to seeing the Evmos ecosystem grow.”

Akash Khosla, Co-Founder, Evmos

“Evmos is a crucial part of Cosmos ecosystem as it connects Ethereum developers and DApps to Cosmos. We are glad to team with Evmos, support their growth and onboard millions of new developers into their ecosystem long term with Dora x Evmos Public Good Grants, hackathons, bounties and much more.”

Steve Ngok, Partner, DoraHacks

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is the hacker movement and one of the largest Web3 developer incentive platforms. DoraHacks provides key infrastructures connecting developers with grants and other crucial resources from leading Web3 ecosystems like Aptos, Cosmos, Polygon, Binance, etc. DoraHacks has helped 4000+ startups raise $40M+ in grants, with an aim to double this in 2023. Startups from the Dora community include Skylock, Momentum Safe, Econia, ETHSign, Zecrey, Thetan Arena, Dora Factory, Functionland, CryptoSat, Manta Network, Blue and many more.

About Evmos

EVMOS is an open-source EVM blockchain that aims to provide a faster and more scalable alternative to the Ethereum network.

A key features of EVMOS is its consensus algorithm, which is based on Proof of Authority (PoA). This means that instead of relying on miners to validate transactions and create new blocks, EVMOS uses a group of trusted validators who are authorized to create new blocks and validate transactions.

EVMOS also aims to provide low transaction fees, faster confirmation times, and high transaction throughput compared to Ethereum. Additionally, it is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps), which makes it easier for developers to migrate their projects from Ethereum to EVMOS.