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Dora Grant DAO Round 1 Update

Dora Grant DAO Round 1 Update

Dora Grant DAO Round 1 successfully concluded in November 2022 and after close communication with all the grant candidates we are proud to have been able to support 6 teams from the first batch of applicants. The first round received fantastic reception from our community with DORA community members staking a total of 48877.6214 Dora Token allowing them to vote, and over 130874 community votes casted contributing to the voting process.

We have been in the process of granting these teams and forming appropriate milestones for the projects to receive funding so that as a community we can follow their journey from an early stage project into a well established startup. Within this article you will find further information about each team, their milestones and the funding schedule.


Total Grant Amount: $100,000

Upfront ($30,000): This initial funding will be used to hire a full time full stack engineer in order to improve and develop a faster dashboard.

Milestone 1 ($30,000): CEDE Labs will have private beta set up, 3 project integrations on their product and begin a marketing campaign.

Milestone 2 ($40,000): CEDE Labs will a public beta and be ready to launch, and have 6 project integrations on their product

Project Update: CEDE Labs have just released the first batch of the private beta. They will also release new batches very soon depending on the quality of the first feedback and the amount of interested people who want to try it.

They are currently trying to develop a faster dashboard, and are hiring devs; and they are working on growing and building a strong community to test properly private beta and be ready for the public launch of our two products during Q1 2023

Community Perks: The best way to help and get involved in the project is through the Crew3 space

Complete as many quests as you can to move up in the leaderboard, to increase your chances of getting access to the private beta and to win future rewards (only for early contributors like Dora Hacks community)


Total Grant Amount: $45,000

Upfront ($10,000): The initial funding provided to KlayOracle will be used to complete KlayOracle v0.0.5 Node, and onboard test node runners and validators, Deploy publicly-hosted KlayOracle node, Add Weather data sources to adapter list, Improve documentation & video tutorials, targeted at open-source contributors, node runners, validators and end-users (smart contract developers).

Milestone 1 ($35,000): KlayOracle is ready for deployment on mainnet and public use. The team will be working on making KlayOracle more censorship-resistant and decentralized by implementing token-based reward systems for participants in the network.

Project Update: Currently the KlayOracle team is working on researching existing Oracle business models, Tokenomics and architecture to further improve their product in their market sector. The team is also working on drafting a whitepaper to release to the public. They are also refactoring v0.0.5 Adapter and Node.

Community Perks: Incentives for the community will kick in when the KlayOracle team relaunch the testnet version. Tokens will be airdropped to users who engage with the testnet once they go to mainnet.


Total Grant Amount: $35,000

Project Update: Lewk team has been working on designing and building out a user experience to allow builders to mint non-transferral soul bond badges based on their on chain and off chain activities as well as binding with their builder on chain profiles (BOP).

Community Perks: Dora hacks community members can create on chain profile (BOP) through Lewk portal UI for free and get matched with our recruiting partners which include recruiters and startups.


Total Grant Amount: $35,000

Project Update: The Prestare team have completed the website design and it is now live for everyone to access. They have also finished the whitepaper for their project, which provides a detailed overview of their goals, vision, and plans for the future. It is available for review on their website. Anyone who is interested in knowing how undercollateralized loans works on Prestare may have a look on that.

They have launched their social media presence on platforms including Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, and are excited to connect with the community on these channels. Theyhave set up a legal entity for theproject, which will help them operate in a transparent and compliant manner. They are pleased to announce that their core smart contract has been completed and the alpha testing will be ready for implementation within one month hopefully.

The team value the input and support of theircommunity and encourage everyone to get involved in the development of Prestare. You can provide feedback and suggestions by joining their community forums or discussion groups, or by reaching out to them on social media. They will also host events and webinars where you can learn more about the project and ask questions.

Community Perks: As a decentralized lending protocol, they are committed to building and engaging with their community. To thank and reward the early adopters, they will be offering token airdrops and limited quotas for beta testing. Participants who win in the future campaigns including Testnet, Bug Bounty, AMA, and more maybe eligible to claim the PRS native tokens.


Total Grant Amount: $100,000

Upfront ($30,000)

Milestone 1 ($30,000): Faceless shall set up a cryptographic library written in Rust that implements the underlying anonymous identity-based encryption and zero-knowledge proof scheme. The main statements of the zero-knowledge proof schemes are defined in st_{transfer} and st_{burn} in our whitepaper. Faceless will perform unit tests on the individual algorithms to ensure their safety

Milestone 2 ($40,000): The main delivery of this milestone is the client that can trigger the aforementioned cryptographic modules and the necessary UI to enable the users to interact with all these algorithms. Faceless will perform unit tests on individual algorithms to ensure their safety. Faceless will launch their product on the Solana blockchain

Project Update: Since the announcement of DoraGrant DAO winners, Faceless has completed both the design and implementation of frontend, and integrated the frontend with the smart contracts they developed.

They have deployed their product on Polkadot, and have delivered the second milestone of Web 3.0 grant. Their next steps will be focusing on the deployment of our product on EVM-compatible blockchains. Currently, they are redesigning our scheme so that it can better match EVM blockchains.

As Faceless founder Dr. Heisenberg Lin is the Chair of IEEE special interest group on privacy-preserving and regulation-compliant blockchain, the team is working with scholars from both Europe and North America to re-define both the academic and industrial standards for the next-generation blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more news coming out of this group.

Community Perks: After the deployment of the product on EVM-compatible blockchains, launching the testnet will be the next step. All the Dora community members will be invited to be early users. There will be rewards for the early users of the product! Stay tuned!


Total Grant Amount: $100,000

Upfront ($30,000)

Milestone 1 ($40,000): Faro will launch their minimal viable product and first beta testnet for the community to interact with.

Milestone 2 ($30,000): Faro will be performing multiple independent smart contract audits after the permissioned testnets are made available. Additionally, Faro will be opening sourcing the codebase in preparation for the mainnet launch alongside the decentralization of these zkEVMs

Project Update: The Faro team have been working on building a minimal proof of concept for their codebase and documenting their architecture stack. They are also in communication with potential mining partners to run the phase 1 nodes.

Community Perks: While they are currently focused on building, please don’t hesitate to contact them through or with any questions, comments, or holiday greetings.

After due diligence we regret to update that the Cruzo team is not eligible for the grant opportunities from Dora GrantDAO round 1. We will continue to conduct rigorous due diligence to potential grantees in the future to protect the best interest of DORA community members.

Dora GrantDAO Round 2 is currently underway and there are some fantastic new projects and also opportunities to participate and receive funding from the DoraHacks Community. Feel free to get involved as a developer or as a community contributor, through watching the live demo sessions on youtube or binance live and visiting and reviewing the submissions.

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