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DoraHacks Code of Conduct

1. Pledge

In the interest of supporting the hacker movement in the long-term, all within an open, welcoming, and collaborative environment, DoraHacks community members, contributors, committers, and project leaders pledge to participate in projects, allocate funds to sustainably support hacker projects, and to create a harassment-free and respectful community for everyone.

2. DoraHacks Principles

DoraHacks aims at creating an everlasting hacker movement

  • Forward-looking: Pioneer the thought process, with revolutionary discovery and solution, never blindly follow the crowd
  • Long-term: Think long-term, continuously build and create value in the long-run
  • Pragmatic: Develop technologies and products that solve the real-world problem
  • Supportive: Back in the hacker movement all builders, supporters and contributors
  • Respectful: Welcome and collaborate with everyone in the community

Around 1977, Eric Raymond, an early open source advocate, posted an article called “How To Become A Hacker”, summarized 5 characters of hackers:

  • The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved
  • Nobody should ever have to solve a problem twice
  • Boredom & drudgery are evil
  • Freedom is good
  • Attitude is no substitute for competence

These characters still echo the hacker’s ethos today. The DoraHacks community is a community of hackers and supporters, it's important to understand the ethos of hackers, and how a hacker movement can help with human progress by creating frontier technologies, building innovative products, and solving problems with creativities. It's important to think about and invent original products. Re-inventing the wheels is not necessary and is wasting time.

3. Platform Capabilities

DoraHacks' platform aims to support a sustainable hacker movement with the following focus areas:

  • BUIDLs - Hacker projects to showcase, participate in Grants and Hackathons
  • Grants & Hackathons - Hacker projects that generate and build new solutions to receive rewards and support which are powered by community quadratic voting and matching funding
  • Bounties - Specific problems to be sourced and solved by the community of hackers

4. User Guidelines and Policies

• Builders


        ▪  Participate in grants and hackathons with original buidl submissions

        ▪  Read and comply with all rules stated in the grant and hackathon guides


        ▪  Submit BUIDL that does not match the grant/hackathon theme and rules

        ▪  Submit BUIDL that are duplicated, copied, or plagiarised

        ▪  Maliciously instigate others to disrupt the rules of the community

        ▪  Falsifying others or being involved in fraudulent activities

        ▪  Activities with ill intentions that negatively impact the results of votes and funds allocation, such as Exploit Sybil attacks

• Voters


        ▪  Support the BUIDL projects' long-term development

        ▪  Read and understand the quadratic funding guide

        ▪  Vote to support the BUIDL projects with appropriate amounts, and vote within one's financial ability

        ▪  Vote without the intention to exchange for benefits, rewards, or incentives


        ▪  Mass vote for a project - Botting and other ways of cheating will be detected by our anti-Sybil attack mechanism. Using bots will not grant your supported projects in any stance of superiority nor impact the prize pool distribution in your favour

• Bounty Users

   ▫  Publishers

        ▪  Do's

            ·  Publish bounties using the DoraHacks Bounty system

            ·  Ensure that bounty information is kept up to date and reward rules are followed

        ▪  Don'ts

            ·  Breach of bespoken reward rules

   ▫  Hunters

        ▪  Do's

            ·  Permitted to participate in bounties, submit solutions and receive rewards

        ▪  Don'ts

            ·  Malicious participation in bounties without submitting valid solutions

5. Community Standards

The DoraHacks Code of Conduct applies to all activities and products on DoraHacks platform, and it also applies to DoraHacks community social channels as well as when an individual is representing DoraHacks or its community in public spaces. Examples of behaviours contributing to creating a positive environment include:

  • Adopting a collaborative mindset
  • Using welcoming and inclusive language toward others
  • Being respectful of differing viewpoints and embracing the opinions of others
  • Being generous and open in both giving and receiving criticism
  • Raising issues and providing constructive feedback to improve the community guidelines

Examples of unacceptable behavior contributing to a negative environment include:

  • Discrimination or harassment based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, identity, or any other distinguishing characteristic or trait
  • Use of sexualized language or imagery
  • Jokes, trolling, attacks, insulting or derogatory comments
  • Misguiding other members with ill intention to violate community policies
  • Responding negatively or ignoring others' emotions during conversations
  • Other types of microaggressions reasonably considered inappropriate in a professional setting

6. DoraHacks Team Responsibilities

  • Governance: DoraHacks team is responsible for maintaining this Code of Conduct, for clarifying the standards of acceptable behavior and will take appropriate action in response to instances of unacceptable behavior.
  • Code Intervention: DoraHacks team has the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, messages or any other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that are deemed inappropriate.
  • Funds Allocation: DoraHacks team, together with the funding ecosystem, and all community members, will supervise the fund allocation of grants. Community members can address their concerns, report incidents, and ask for DoraHacks' assistance when any non-compliant behaviors are discovered. DoraHacks team will take corresponding actions by figuring collective decision-making community governance in the Discord, to optimize transparency and operations.

7. Enforcement

All DoraHacks community members, contributors, committers, and project leaders are expected to adhere to the code of conduct at all times. In any case that any participant violates this Code of Conduct, the organizer may, at their own discretion:

  • expel them from the hackathon with no refund (if applicable),
  • block their access to DoraHacks resources including the website and social channels,
  • report their behaviour to local law enforcement.

8. Contributing

DoraHacks community members are invited to contribute to this Code of Conduct by raising any concerns or feedback. If you have a question or suggestion for evolving the policies, file an issue outlining your suggestion, providing as much context as you can. If you’ve spotted a typo error, discriminatory language, or any other change which could be better handled, you can approach the DoraHacks team in Discord All changes and suggestions will be vetted by the leadership team, the people and culture team, and, if necessary, by the legal department.