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Introducing Winners @Klaymakers 22 Global Hackathon

Introducing Winners @Klaymakers 22 Global Hackathon

Giving the Web3 audience a chance to power Klaytn’s developer community and ecosystem adoption, Klaymakers 22 rose to the attention by winging a flagship hackathon, via ecosystem partnership and support, to provoke the growth in BUIDLing under the umbrella of Klaytn. $1M worth of prizes and grants are dedicated in return to incentivize those who manage to bring out significant use cases in Klaytn’s core protocol, metaverse & NFTs, DAO, DeFi and Public Goods. Additional with bounty rewards.

This announcement outlines the hackathon results. The top 3 winning teams from the 4 tracks and bounty winners.

It is recommended to watch the Closing & Prize Ceremony for a comprehensive overview.

NFT & Metaverse Track


Build Metaverse & GameFi apps Without Blockchain Experience.


Bringing together the world’s artist creativity using AI and Blockchain.

3. Soumatou  

Curve the moment into the city as art.

DAO Track

1.Web3 Community tooling and infrastructure for DAOs with SBT

We are building a new Web3 community tool and infrastructure for DAOs in the Klaytn ecosystem.

2. X-Letter

XLetter is a Media DAO. It’s a participation-based web3 web novel DAO where stories are unfolded reflecting the reader's preference through a voting system.


XDAO is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Fi+ Track


We help everyone take highest profits by making it easy to access DeFi information.

2. Bento Dashboard for Klaytn Fi+

Bento aggregates identity from the 2nd/3rd web. OSS DeFi dashboard for everyone.

3. Jonggane Kimchi Premium Index

The biggest INDEX derivative in Klaytn Defi.

Public Good Track


Secuely Integrate Offchain data with Klaytn Smart Contracts

2. D-Ad

Use zkp to show target advertisements without collecting user's personal information, and reward users who see the advertisements.

3. KlayGoods

A Klatyn-native decentralized giving platform to help public good projects fundraise for their causes.

Winners of sponsored challenges

The Tatum Challenge

  1. Nomis

The Krust Challenge

  1. Nexus
  2. GoDerivatives
  3. multichain-cloud

The HashQuark Challenge

  1. XDAO
  2. Jonggane Kimchi Premium Index
  3. Dataverse

The GroundX Challenge

  1. Bento Dashboard for Klaytn Fi+

The F10 Challenge

  1. XDAO

The BlockPi Challenge

  1. ChickiFarm & KlayChicken
  2. Black Whale Social Wallet

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain developer communities. Committed to a global hacker movement with around 20K global monthly active users, it provides crypto-native toolkits to help BUIDLers get funded for their ideas and products.

By far, nearly 3000 projects on have received over $18 million in prizes and funding from supporters worldwide. 20+ major blockchain ecosystems and dozens of open source communities and DAOs are using Dora's infrastructure for quadratic funding grants, hackathons, community contribution, bounty, and the governance of their communities.

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