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Meet the 33 winners of BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022

Meet the 33 winners of BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022

Born in India, Lumos Labs is one of our geographic-centric partners who opt for globalization with "BUIDL for Web3" Hackathon, to fracture barriers for local developers and beyond. The initiative is allied with a dozen mega, and macro stakeholders’ support, subsidizing the outstanding applicants with monetary incentives and virtual dev training.

Taking a part in this journey, DoraHacks helped to attract 85 BUIDL submissions from our virtual BUIDLer community and newcomers. We are gathered on such occasions with a shared goal to equalize dev resources, overlap opportunities, and form a collaborative space.

Conclude the hackathon with 33 exceptional projects and crowning sponsors, respectively. Let’s meet our finest BUIDLs of 2022!

Polygon — NFT Track🥇<$2500>

DeClick by Team Binary

DeClick is a Whatsapp plugin that acts as a layer between the layman and the web3 universe.

Polygon — DeFi Track🥇<$2500>

Nomis by Team Nomis

An Uber for DeFi — Nomis is a DeFi lending aggregator that smartly connects borrowers with DeFi protocols offering custom loan terms based on borrowers’ on-chain credit scores.

Polygon — Gaming Track🥇<$2500>

Game by Team GamelandO

‘Game’ is a metaverse game where users can seamlessly interact while they play games, play missions and earn in-game tokens and NFTs.

Aeternity — DeFi🥇<$12500>


AEUSD is a collateral-backed stablecoin that helps people take loans by putting Aeternity tokens as collateral.

DAO 🥇<$7000>

Cluster by Team Lukman Saheed

Cluster is a Decentralized Application for DAO creation and management on the æternity blockchain.

Internet Computer Track 🥇<$10000>

Ntagle by Team PrivyTag

Ntagle gives web3 projects the ability to permanently bind token wallets & NFTs to physical objects using NFC tags & the Internet Computer.

Tatum 🥇<$5000>

DeClick by Team ~Binary

DeClick — a Whatsapp plugin that acts as a layer between the layman and the web3 universe. This plugin incorporates the functionalities of a wallet and the feature of minting Dynamic and static NFTs.

Fluence 🥇<$1500>

CrossGame by Team Gamecross

CrossGame is a decentralized platform where users can transfer their digital assets from one game to another.

Revise 🥇<$2500>

Eagotchiverse by Team TFNFT Meta

A dynamic climate NFT for Pea crop! Peagotchi is a blockchain project focused on locating the growth of Pea crops efficiently and quickly based on climate conditions.

Assetmantle 🥇<$7777>

NFTIX by Team 30percenttax

NFTIX is a decentralized NFT-based event ticketing platform that facilitates easy NFT event ticket issuing and easy check-ins using AssetMantle blockchain and MantleWallet.


Books on Chain by The Rudras Team

For all the readers, The Rudras are here for the next phase of the literary industry.

Open Track🥇<$3000>

WalkNFit by Team WalkNFit

The WalkNFit mobile app is designed to allow users to store their photos safely and securely in a decentralized storage canister.

All runners-up across all tracks🌟

Polygon — NFT Track 🥈<$1500 >

My_Twitter by Team Calculated Victory

My_Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service which allows users to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”.

Polygon — DeFi Track 🥈<$1500 >

Vision-X by Team Vision-X

We are the first step for newcomers to DeFi. We educate users and offer different DeFi strategies in an easy and explained way so that they can invest in them with better understanding and security.

Polygon — Gaming Track🥈<$1500 >

GameGuides by Team Kalyan

GameGuides is a creator’s hub providing gasless user onboarding and rich creator-to-fan interactions.

Aeternity — DeFi 🥈<$2500>

NuclearSwap by Team ferumflex

NuclearSwap aims to enable cross-chain swap. Theferumflex team aims to open a window into DeFi on æternity. Right now, users can move USDT from ETH testnet to æ testnet.

Tatum 🥈<$5000>

We3DeGames By Team We3DeGames

Team We3DeGames is a group of ambitious developers who have worked to develop part of a metaverse with a touch and promotion of the “crypto market” in it.

Revise 🥈<$1500>

The Earth by Team Web3Goats

Web3Goats presents the Earth NFT, a dynamic NFT that exhibits emotions of prosperity and grief depending on daily greenhouse emissions.

Arcana Track 🥈<$1000>

SolveX by Team SolveX

SolveX brings an NFT-based decentralized land property ownership transfer to the real estate market.

Open Track🥈<$1000>

Kezayya by Team Nwakaku

Kezayya is a web3 project to help users store and share files user-friendly with Decentralized file storage and sharing system.

All third-place winners across all tracks🌟

Polygon — NFT Track🥉<$1000>

Spam Bytes Team Spam Bytes

Our app helps users buy and sell NFTs through NFT marketplaces and usually requires cryptocurrencies. Verification of ownership access is built on Polygon technology regarding purchases.

Polygon — DeFi Track🥉<$1000>

Solarz by Team Solarz

Solarz is a Web3 DeFi platform offering BNPL service for both Web3 and non-native users. Users can purchase NFTs from all Marketplaces integrated with Solarzu, like Opensea, Rarible.

Polygon — Gaming Track🥉<$1000>

Peagotchiverse by Team TFNFT Meta

Peagotchiverse is an NFT game-based CROP SIMulation protocol. Players can buy Pea Seeds in the Peagotchi marketplace and grow the seeds within optimal climate conditions.


Team Titans

Between 1990 and 2019, greenhouse gas emissions increased globally by 53%. TeamTitans have brought forth attention to this pertinent problem through their dynamic NFT that depends on carbon emissions using the Revise SDK.

Open Track 🥉<$1000>

EthMobi by Team EthMobi

EthMobi monitors road incident management tools and reduces traffic congestion by crowdsourcing information sharing for better and safer roads.

Further, we have Polygon pool winners with 500$ as a reward for presenting excellent projects-

  • DDW

All the winners are set to receive $500 worth of domain credits, and the first 5000 participants will receive $25 worth of domain credits from Hackathon Partners — Unstoppable Domains. This is in addition to the US $100k prize money. 🏆

The incredible journey of BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022🙌

BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022, the flagship hackathon by Lumos Labs, brought together 7k+ developers to build on 18 tracks spanning across DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Entertainment, Developer tooling and infrastructure development. We received 376 idea submissions and outstanding projects.

With a diverse set of tracks — DeFi, NFT, Entertainment, Developer Tooling and infrastructure, sustainability-based solutions, governance and DAOs, the BUIDL for Web3 journey has been incredible, providing an enticing environment for developers to innovate and learn. Also, we had a lot of fun time BUIDLing despite the fact that hackathons can be a bit stressful.

Hackathons encourage critical thinking and enable developers to work on soving issues that exist in the real world. With a challenging set of tracks, we believe BUIDL for Web3 Hack achieved that!

A panorama of the BUIDL for Web3 offline hackathon at Delhi & Bangalore

After a long bout of virtual hackathons, we decided to host two offline LIVE hacking sessions in two different cities in India — Bangalore and Delhi. BUILD for Web3 Hack — Bangalore and Delhi brought together 250+ web3 developers who spent 48 hours BUIDLing non-stop to coding.

From unresponsive servers to syntax errors, we faced many problems throughout the 24hr build period, but our amazing devs managed to sail through and provide quality submissions. Moreover, for the Devs to stay the course with their creativity and new ideas without any blockade, we made sure Discord support was available around the clock!

In drawing things to a close…🤝

We’re thrilled to connect with a talented, inspired, and ambitious community of Devs.

We want to give special thanks to all who participated in this hackathon and participated in this journey.

Also, we look forward to having you next year! Engage with BUIDL for Web3, learn new experiences and open up new horizons of innovation in the Web3 space with us🚀

Once again, a huge round of asynchronous applause to all the winners and participants! You all are the best and we’re super proud of you!
Kudos, champs! 🙌

On that note, we’d also like to invite you to be a part of the Lumos Metaverse. We’re building the gateway to Web3 for developers! Experience what Web3 offers you: learning opportunities, careers, bounties, events and more.

Join our whitelist to get the first look at the Lumos Metaverse.

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