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Trust EVM Hackathon Round 2 Recap and Result Announcement

Trust EVM Hackathon Round 2 Recap and Result Announcement

Pipeline to the end of Round 2, Trust EVM Hackathon is ready to conclude the 2-month scouting result in the GameFi category. 7 projects caught up judges' and community’s attention for their cutting-edge pitch. We are humbled to see a tremendous amount of time and ideas being contributed in this round. Keep BUIDLing!

What’s next with Trust EVM Hackathon? Round 3 is currently open for multi-tracks application, with up to $150,000 in the prize pool. Build on Trust EVM and diversify the ecosystem in this round, outstanding applicants will route to exclusive perks and resources!

Keep reading to dive into the 7 winners of Trust EVM Hackathon Round 2.

First Prize:


Developed by ORIGAMI LABS, MMMM is a web3-based Karaoke Singing App. MMMM allows you to record Karaoke to make fans and friends through music. It enables you to showcase your singing talent and socialize in the most exciting way.


Cyberpop is an open-world UGC blockchain metaverse game combined with exploration, combat, and play-create-to-earn. It is the world’s first open-world MMO- RPG metaverse game with cyber style.

Second Prize:


Moonsie is a Play-and-Earn battle royale game built on a decentralized network. The game features an in-game currency (MOONGEMS), governance opportunities, and a market of utility-rich NFT items, which all together create a beautiful online social game.


MetaLine is an ocean-going trade game that allows users to profit from their business, such as international trade, shipping, navigation, logistics, and product processing. Users can build fleets to transport products to different ports enjoying the fun of navigation and trade.

Active Me

Active Me is an app that creates a lifestyle app for its users. It’s based on the dynamic motion capture technology of camera images and allows users to exercise anytime, anywhere, and without additional hardware equipment. Minimize the costs and barriers that allow people to embrace healthy living, giving more and more people a better life.

Third Prize:


A New Roblox For Grown-ups. A game design, publishing, and distribution platform based on AI and blockchain turn metaverse into services on the Trust EVM network. Become the Roblox Killer.


Gameland is a metaverse game where players can chill with each other, talk, play missions, and earn game tokens and NFT.

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