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2022 THUBA DAO’s Summer Hack Recap and Result Announcement

2022 THUBA DAO’s Summer Hack Recap and Result Announcement

2022 THUBA DAO’s Summer Hack is a student-centric program to nurture young BUIDLers and cultivates the next Web3 pioneers. It aims to provide a platform for students all over the world to display and communicate, accompany by an incentive of up to $60K in prizes for the participants.

With a total of 60 BUIDL submissions enlisted from global universities and colleges, the hackathon saw 12 shortlists stood out to represent the next generation of Web3 leaders.

Let’s meet the 12 shortlists!


CreaderDAO will utilise blockchain technology to create a copyright registration system. Through this framework, creators may more easily demonstrate their ownership. Use of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in intellectual property and copyright law and its impact on determining ownership is also recommended.

Contri 是一个web3社区凭证基础设施,以人与组织交互数据层为核心,SBT协议(社区凭证)作为载体,社区管理SaaS为入口,把人和组织的关系铸造成一张SBT,补全web3生态中缺失的人与组织的交互数据,使得每个人可以通过贡献获得链上信誉,使得DAO可以根据成员链上身份进行差异化的管理。

DF Artemis

Planet-targeted bounty mercenary system for Dark Forest, which is a DAO management tool for task submission and incentive distribution. Funder publish task(s) for attacking planet(s). Mercenaries attack the planet(s) to get reward. Manager confirm the result and distribute reward.


An Micro FaaS system based on Arweave & NFT, code snippets written in languages such as Elixir/Rust can be pulled from the Arweave Network and loaded into Runtime to provide functional service support for other applications. Plugin is used for uploading code snippets


Building a decentralized vulnerability/bug detection platform for smart contracts, Dapp, NFT, where users can provide security problems (e.g., smart contract) and clues (e.g. suspicious address or transaction ), then researchers and security providers can upload automated checkers and annotated datasets and get incentives.

Art Treasure

Art Treasure:一个专注于东方生成艺术的NFT团队。想要解决目前的NFT炒作过度,艺术价值被过度低估的问题。开发出ERC721T协议,引进时间概念,限制nft每次转移必须要满足时间要求。引用CVPR顶会论文,去生成东方的艺术作品,包括中国山水画等。

WTF solidity

WTF学院是面向Web2程序员的Web3开源大学。我们制作免费、开源、高质量的Web3技术教程。目前,WTF Solidity极简教程包含 47 讲,Github仓库获得2,300+ ⭐;WTF Ethers.js包含17讲,Github仓库获得 200+ ⭐。我们将对学员发放链上开发技能认证,帮助他们更好融入web3。

Sonar Meta

As a vContent co-creation platform in the Web3.0+5G era, SonarMeta will replace the existing UGC platform in the Web2.0+4G era. SonarMeta is a Web3.0 platform for users to generate vContents, value, and revolutionize the commercial model of Web2.0 UGC platform: Contents are completely owned by users.




Sisyphus Protocol is a decentralized social protocol based on blockchain technology, to help self-improvement and encourage creators economy. Members participating in the campaign will be motivated by the potential rewards of a shared pool of staked tokens.





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