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Meet Cronos Hackathon Winners!

Meet Cronos Hackathon Winners!

At the beginning of 2022, we’re happy to summarize the 2-month Cronos Hackathon and release the list of prize winners! With the total acceptance of 62 submissions, the entries proved themselves a lever for paving the way for numerous possibilities on the Cronos chain.

At the same time, thanks Cronos for inviting the best crypto mentors to deliver workshops and share insights. If you missed the live sessions, please check out our recap and recordings at . (Also subscribe to @DoraHacks Youtube channel to watch more upcoming/previous episodes!)

The BUIDLers has displayed great endeavours, enthusiasm, and innovation to the Cronos Hackathon. The winners are categorized into 5 distinct award groups to share the prizes: Grand Prize, Defi Track, NFT Track, other Web3 Track, and Judges Select.

#dev DeFi walks away with the full Grand Prize of a total of $60,000.

Defi Track has finalized the top 3 winners and they are Index Zoo, Cronos Option Factory, and Soapy Finance.

Winners in NFT track are: 1st place - Digital Verse, 2nd place - CRUZO, 3rd place - Cronos Warriors.

Other Web3 Track as well, has Defier, DexPad, and Zecrey winning the top 3 prizes.

Finally, we have the special winners selected by judges, and they are: FortuneDAO, Forart, NFTer Network, Nifty-toolkit for Cronos, METAVERSE PIXELS, and CryptoBank Africa & IPFS storage system.

View all the applicants in this hackathon:

We’re inviting the teams to join live project demo sessions from Jan 19 to Jan 21. Stay tuned for more updates by following @DoraHacks on twitter or subscribing to the Youtube channel.

Now, let’s meet the winners!

Grand Prize

#dev DeFi

#dev DeFi is a decentralized aggregate lending & borrowing protocol built on Cronos Chain. The protocol aggregates different platforms, allows users to lend and borrow assets across multiple platforms and Genesis vaults on #dev DeFi to maximize the profit from their Cronos assets. In each asset, #dev offers multiple lending vaults for users to choose from. Vaults have different risks and rewards. Users can choose to lend their assets to any vault based on their preferences and money-making strategies.

DeFi Track

1st: Index Zoo

IndexZoo was launched in May 2021 to provide the most accurate leveraged tokens for long/short exposures on any basket of cryptocurrencies. Layer-1 based index tokens are known for infrequent rebalancing and poor leveraged tracking due to gas cost. IndexZoo fixes this by using DEX derivative exposures, a product design that mirrors TradFi indices.

2nd: Dojima - Option Factory

Dojima Finance aims to fill a number of market gaps in DeFi for lending, borrowing, financial derivatives & insurance.

Building upon the loan architecture some changes in logic can be made to create derivatives i.e. Call/Put Options which have various use cases such as hedging or providing insurance against smart contract failures.

3rd: Soapy Finance

Soapy Finance is committed to building the future mobile entrance of DeFi. It brings friendly, efficient, and secure financial products and services to users.

Soapy is governed by Soapy DAO, all community members who hold SOAPY can participate in project governance.

NFT Track

1st: Digital Verse

Digital Verse is a blockchain-based NFT marketplace of digital faces with a platform for synthetic video generation. The user (for example celebrity) will be able to digitize his face by uploading a video of himself to the platform. Digital avatar of the user will be presented on the platform for the potential customers. After receiving the offer to buy the face, the user will be able to choose whether to sell it for this particular video/commercial. In case of consent, an NFT token gets created.

2nd: CRUZO

The First NFT Greeting Cards Marketplace where creators, users/seekers, collectors, and businesses can meet and interact (mint, sell, buy, send, gift, receive) with NFT digital content released in greeting cards.

3rd: Cronos Warriors

Cronos Warriors is meant to be a ruthless Player versus Player NFT game in which progression is always symmetrical, meaning that if one player gains progress, a different player has or had to lose that progress.

Players are able to mint their own characters for a fixed fee. This fee is a 1:1 representation of that character's experience. Player characters can engage in mutual combat and fight for their experience. Player characters can be burned by the owner at any time to release the backed experience as CRO. Each battle does take 0.1% of exchanged experience as a fee. The collected reserve can be distributed in events in which players can participate in PvE combat.

Other Web3 Track

1st: Defier

Currently there is no easy way to see the list of validators on CRONOS. Defier dashboard will show a list of validators with useful information in a table that is easily sortable so we can compare. The dashboard will also contain useful information for the blockchain such as block times and other useful statistics. It will also monitor and show any validators that are currently down and show how many blocks missed. This will be the first phase and will expand to include other useful features such as being able to analyze each block when anomalies occur such as long block times or several missed validators and see the block proposer. Other features will be added based on community feedback.

2nd: DexPad allows anyone to mint their own token (Standard or Liquidity Generator). They can create a Presale and Lock the liquidity.

Once the presale is successful, unsold tokens will be burned, liquidity will be locked and the token is launched on the respective Dex Platform. Such as Uniswap for ETH, PanCakeSwap for BSC etc. Users can do airdrop of their token as well as native token.

3rd: Zecrey

Zecrey - a zk-rollup based layer-2 privacy protocol. Zecrey has three core features:

- generalized cross-chain bridge

- high-security cross-chain swap

- high-efficiency privacy

Judges Select


FortuneDAO is the first decentralized reserve currency protocol available on the Cronos Network based on the FORT token. Each FORT token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., DAI, USDC, USDT Tokens etc) in the FortuneDAO treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. FortuneDAO will also introduce the use of Protocol Owned Liquidity to provide liquidity swap service for stablecoins to mitigate mercenary liquidity mining effect.


Forart is dedicated to building the industry's first AI-driven NFT creation incubation platform, exploring the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence and human co-creation. Forart has developed AI-Driven NFT Generator, AI-Driven NFT Breeding, NFT trading marketplace and other functions and platforms based on AI technology. NFT artists can use these functions to make NFT creation faster and better, and they can directly trade in the marketplace after creation.

NFTer Network

NFTer is a NFT social platform which is dedicated to expanding the usage scenario of NFT.

NFTer expands the usage scenarios of NFT through different perspectives such as NFT re-creation, NFT group purchase combination and verification, and NFT advertising.

On traditional social media platforms, creators make profits or establish cooperative relations from commodity sales, paid promotion, order calling by relying on intermediaries.They rely heavily on third parties. NFTer increases the income of creators through NFT, and NFT advertisement is a way to generate income for creators by eliminating intermediaries and directly connecting creators and fans.

Nifty-toolkit for Cronos

With the use of Nifty-toolkit, we're automating the NFT minting and IPFS resource management with minimum coding required. So far we've added support for Cronos and Polygon, and more EVM-compatible chains are going to be added. The goal is to make minting NFT easy, without having to worry about the complexity of cross-chain testing and deployment, as well as token payment.


A Unique NFT Platform Where you can buy pixels nft and upload your own image. Metaverse pixels is an nft related platform running on CRONOS that is divided into five phases: The Grid, The Updater, Marketplace, Airdrop, VR Metaverse.

CryptoBank Africa & IPFS storage system

CryptoBank is a digital payment gateway in Africa and beyond, designed to modernize the finance and payment of goods and services both online and offline while solving the problems of traditional payment methods(High transaction fee, middle man, transparency e.t.c) by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant/consumer. With CryptoBank DApp(BanKer) users can easily utilise the following features; *CryptoBank online marketplace with IPFS integration (For storage of files in a decentralized manner). *NFT marketplace with IPFS integration *Non-custodial wallet *DApp Browser

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