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Huobi Incubator Web3 Hackathon&Scholorship Winners Announced! (1st Batch)

Huobi Incubator Web3 Hackathon&Scholorship Winners Announced! (1st Batch)

The Web3 Hackathon&Scholarship Program, initiated by Huobi Incubator, is designed to help grow promising Web3 startup projects. During the 3-month submission period, judging will be happening every 6 weeks to select interesting applicant projects to give out prizes and direct funding.

Now, judges have made their decisions. The 1st batch of prize winners are 4 projects selected from over 50 submissions, whose works from the NFT, DAO, DeFi and GameFi areas. Go on reading to check out who they are and what’s the reason that they can stand out.

*To learn more about Web3 Hackathon&Scholarship Program, to know the applicants and to be an applicant yourself, please go to:

** First prize winner will be selected in the 2nd round of judging.

Second Prize


Tag: NFT

UniAsset is a Web3 on-chain protocol focused on the NFTFi track. UniAsset's vision is to enable any retail investor to profit from long-term growth or short-term trading opportunities by being able to track expensive BlueChip NFT prices with a dollar's worth of principal.

Judge’s Comment

With more bluechip NFTs coming out of the market, and those NFTs are incredibly expensive, retail investors need a different approach to get exposure to these assets. Uniasset provides a sufficient and easy-to-understand strategy for retail investors to trade Bluechip NFTs with a small amount of money, which will drive higher market efficiency for bluechip NFTs. We believe floor price trading protocol is still missing in this market and Uniasset can take the advantage for being one the first movers.


Tag: DAO

Hotpot is a blockchain-native DAO-launching platform, aiming to help users learn and launch bonding curve-based tokens through artificial intelligence-powered interactive sessions, and provide them similar swaps functionality as Uniswap.

Judge’s Comment

Hotpot can help DAOs to design their own token economics based on Bonding Curve Model, on which users only need to set values for corresponding parameters. We think this will significantly lower the bar, especially for newcomers. Furthermore, Bonding Curves Model allows projects to efficiently, fairly, and reliably distribute tokens to project adopters, who fund and speculate on new business ventures in a transparent way.


Tag: GameFi

FootEarn is the very first real-time 3D football game e-sport based on blockchain.

Judge’s Comment

Football is one of the most popular sports with the largest number of users in the world, which contains great market potential. Especially in the World Cup year, the combination of football and gamefi is very worthy of our expectation.

Third Prize


Tag: DAO, DeFi, infrasturcture

Asset Management DAO Constructor, Relaunching IDO with more investment control & security.

Judge’s Comment

ASPIS provides a set of tools for DAOs to better manage funds based on different goals. We believe that ASPIS will help DAO achieve transparent and sustainable management, thereby enhancing the consensus and credibility of DAO, and further encouraging more people and funds to DAO to create greater value.


Tag: GameFi

BitMetis supports games to build better communities and empowers players' individual value to participate in the web3 game revolution.

Judge’s Comment

Compared with the Internet, the penetration rate of Web3 is still at a very low level. Gamefi is an important path to bring the general public into the Web3 world. Bitmetis hopes to bring the most valuable and integrated information to users, which is a good attempt.

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