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Announcing the Finalist of Hack IT Sapiens 2.0

Announcing the Finalist of Hack IT Sapiens 2.0

We are delighted to announce the finalists of Hack IT Sapiens, India's premier hacker community, established in 2023. It is gratifying to witness the creativity and innovation exhibited by all participants, transcending barriers of technical backgrounds. Without delay, let us now proceed to recognize all the winners!

Winner Team


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Quick Quality will solve the problem of milk adulteration by detecting the impurities.

Best Only Girls Team

Yoga Pose Accuracy Detection By Using Deep Learning

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Developing an application using Mediapipe and Opencv that accurately detects, estimates, and assesses the accuracy of yoga poses in real-time video streams, empowering yoga practitioners with instant feedback, analysis to improve their yoga practice and achieve optimal pose alignment. Yog self-guidance frameworks convey the potential to make yoga famous along side ensuring it is acted in the correct way. Yoga pose accuracy detection by using deep learning helps people to practice yoga in more correct way, for taking live input in the form of video. Open-CV library is used along with Mediapipe which help to detect the accuracy of the taking input.

Best Beginners' Team

Apna Store

BUIDL link:

Apna store is the India’s own app store which provides all types of apps differentiated by all sorts of categories like Gaming , Entertainment , Social etc. It is the most convenient source through which you can enjoy your gaming and movie experience.

1st Runner up Team

P2P Energy Trading

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By decentralizing energy trading we aim to reduce dependency on centralized grids and promotes the use of renewable energy sources by facilitating peer-to-peer trading of clean energy

2nd Runner Up Team


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An Artifical Intelligence Camera For detection of Illegal Activity and weapon.