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DoraHacks 8th Anniversary Meme Contest Winner Announcement

DoraHacks 8th Anniversary Meme Contest Winner Announcement

A few days ago, DoraHacks launched the 8th Anniversary Meme Contest on Twitter ****to celebrate the occasion. As soon as the message is released, the comment section is flooded with meme entries in GIFs, videos, and photos, submitted by our beloved community members. We absolutely adored every single piece and find laughs from it.

To redeem our promise, 10 excellent entries will be given the giveaway, to share a total of 90 $DORA rewards! You can find the team’s favourite pick, along with the follow-up instruction to claim the reward. Follow us on Twitter for future events!

Review the contest:

Top 3 entries, 15 $DORA for each participant

4th-5th, 10 $DORA for each participant

6th-10th, 5 $DORA for each participant

💰Next step:

  1. Please leave your ERC-20 address by replying to (commenting on) your meme tweet (NOTE: make sure the account posting the ERC-20 address is the SAME account that posted the winning meme) before 12:00 pm Nov 29th, 2022 UTC.
  2. Alternatively, you can contact @dorahacksofficial on Telegram to check in for the next step.

You will receive the token at your submitted address no later than 12:00 pm on Nov 30th, 2022 UTC.

Thank you all for your awesome creativity! Stay tuned for more DORA community contests and rewards.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain developer communities. Committed to a global hacker movement with around 20K global monthly active users, it provides crypto-native toolkits to help BUIDLers get funded for their ideas and products.

By far, nearly 3000 projects on have received over $18 million in prizes and funding from supporters worldwide. 20+ major blockchain ecosystems and dozens of open-source communities and DAOs are using Dora's infrastructure for quadratic funding grants, hackathons, community contribution, bounty, and the governance of their communities.