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2023/03/30-2023/06/03 15:59 UTC

Aptos Grant DAO Round 3

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Tracks of open funding in this round

  • NFT / Gaming

  • Defi

  • Infrastructure / Tooling

  • Community / DAO

  • Move Native

  • Stable Coins

  • ZK-Move

  • Social


Track: Defi

The project aims to create a secure, transparent, and efficient trading platform utilizing the advantages of decentralization and smart contracts. Key features include spot trading for peer-to-peer asset exchange and perpetual contracts for leveraged trading. By empowering users and reducing reliance on intermediaries, the exchange promotes financial autonomy.


Track: Infrastructure / Tooling

Glacier is building a modular, dynamic and scalable NoSQL database for large-scale decentralized applications. Glacier empowers decentralized apps (DApp) to build on decentralized databases (DDB). It provides programmable data composability solutions powered by ZK-rollup to seamlessly and effortlessly handle data with GlacierDB.


Track: Infrastructure / Tooling

AI-based Scaffold Aptos is a smart contract and dApp programming copilot built on OpenAI and the AI database Embedbase. Problems: Smart contract and dApp learning have a steep learning curve, especially for self-learners, requiring a substantial investment of time and effort.


Track: Infrastructure / Tooling

AI database on the Aptos network.


Track: Move Native

AI-powered DeFi aggregator and Liquidity Manager that enhances smart contracts with AI algorithms to efficiently route transactions and manage liquidity across multiple protocols using no-code portfolio management strategies


Track: NFT / Gaming

The first blockchain risk profiled sport gaming platform for sport lovers that uses emerging tech - blockchain - to allow users earn in their own way and increase fan engagement.


Track: NFT / Gaming

PlayVerse's vision is to create an immersive, impartial and inclusive ecosystem for web3 gamers worldwide. It is a Web3 Game Streaming & Community Management Platform.

KYD Labs

Track: NFT / Gaming

Whitelabel ticketing infrastucture and platform powered by NFT Tickets to provide secure, transparent, and additional revenue opportunities for artists and festivals. Currently live since Sept 2022, largest USD volume driver on Aptos Network.