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Everything in Solana, Connects Through SPIRAL

Spiral aims at offering all audience with a short-cut to directly interact with the smart contracts to greatly increase the transaction speed and provide user-friendly experience, (e.g: generating K line for AMM Dex). Spiral integrates DEXs on one mobile app to let users can trade and do liquidity farming extremely easily. Owing to the nature of the product and its direct interaction with smart contracts, lending, farming, prediction, initial offering will be on it in the future.

Team Information

Justin Wang

Prior to funding SPIRAL, Justin worked as the marketing and business development lead at Ripple and NEM foundation and led the research efforts in all crypto and blockchain ecosystem expansion.

Alan Pang

Prior to funding SPIRAL, Alan worked as a product manager at crypto.com and led the development of exchange user acquisition and feature optimization. Alan then joined Turn Capital as an investment associate and focus on venture equity/early-stage token investment in the blockchain ecosystem.

Wayne Lin

Wayne is a Certified Blockchain Developer with experience of over 2 years of which consists of experience in Solidity, Smart contract development, Ethereum & Blockchain. 4 years experience in IT development with 3+ years experience in Ethereum development

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