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zkLink is a multi-chain integration DEX based on ZK-Rollup technology

zkLink is a multi-chain integration DEX based on ZK-Rollup technology, which aims to link multiple chains, aggregate the liquidity of different ecosystems, and make it possible for native assets on different chains to interact and pair with each other. The platform adopts zero-knowledge technology and the DAO governance model to ensure the security and consistency of multi-chain asset interoperability, creating multi-chain DeFi scenarios such as trading, loaning and revenue aggregating with a secure, efficient and low-cost user experience. zkLink connects separate Layer1 networks with a single Layer2 network, so that tokens belonging to different ecosystems can be directly swapped with each other freely on this second layer. The Layer2 network will generate zero-knowledge proofs of the off-chain state on a regular basis and upload them to respective Layer1 contracts for verification.

Team Information

The technical development team of zkLink is composed of some volunteers distributed in China and the United States. There are university teachers who have researched zero-knowledge certificates and engineers who are proficient in cryptography. They hope to achieve secure cross-chain asset direct transactions through zero-knowledge proof technology.

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