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建立一个简单易用、可组合性强、多样化、可灵活定制的去中心化金融基础设施,满足不同用户间的去中心化金融服务需求。 Establish a decentralized financial infrastructure that is easy to use, highly composable, diversified, and flexibly customizable to meet the needs of decentralized financial services among different users.

BananaSwap 一个是运行在 solana 上、采用 AMM 机制的去中心化资产交易平台,除交易功能外,还支持 Farms、Airdrop、Lottery、IDO 、NFT,以此打造趣味性可组合的DeFi乐园。


BananaSwap is a decentralized asset trading platform that runs on solana and adopts the AMM mechanism. In addition to trading functions, it also supports Farms, Airdrop, Lottery, IDO, and NFT to create a fun and composable DeFi park.

In the v2 version, for the design of active liquidity, the introduction of AMM liquidity aggregation, support range limit orders, price range liquidity provision, non-homogeneous liquidity certification, flexible rate model, TWAP historical oracle, and visualization The transaction data Kanban provides professional, powerful and easy-to-use decentralized transaction basic tools for different users.

Team Information

BananaSwap团队是一支完整和高效的区块链技术团队,团队成员均3年以上的区块链技术开发经验。 开发团队目前有 10 人,均为独立社区开发者。 核心人员来自早期的以太坊社区,也一直致力于二层扩容方案。团队成员曾参与过的项目有Polkadot、Loopring、yfi.finance、Uniswap,现在他们致力于建立一个简单易用、可组合性强、多样化、可灵活定制的去中心化金融基础设施。首先会从一个简单的去中心化资产兑换仪表盘开始,提供更丰富的去中心化金融服务。

The Bananaswap team is a complete and efficient blockchain technology team. Team members have more than 3 years of blockchain technology development experience. The development team currently has 10 people, all of whom are independent community developers. The core personnel come from the early Ethereum community and have been committed to the second-tier expansion plan. Team members have participated in projects such as Polkadot、Loopring、yfi.finance、Uniswap. Now they are committed to building a simple, easy-to-use, highly composable, diversified, flexible and customizable project Decentralized financial infrastructure. First, it will start with a simple decentralized asset exchange dashboard to provide richer decentralized financial services.

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