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Next generation media protocol #solana, #nfts, #metaverse ecosystem, special media protocol guide players to experience the new world.

Mission: Encourage and accelerate the change and development of global digital content creation Vision: Let every piece of creative content get its due value

Circlepod is a global application, the goal is to create a media metaverse ecology, through our unique media agreement to lead players into a new horizon experience. Allow Pod-caster to interact directly with the audience and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate both the changes and development of the global digital content creation, so that every piece of created content can get its value. Create more interactivity and entertainment, connect fans and value through blockchain technology, and create a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.

We started with Podcasts because we believe that sound is the easiest way to create an immersive experience. Through our many years of design experience in UI/UX design, more players who are not experienced in the currency circle can go deep into it. We hope to create a creative ecosystem in our applications and show the value of creation through the blockchain. Finally, add our original content to complete the closed loop of the entire media metaverse agreement. People can experience different life experiences and feel the excitement of heart flow and new things.

  1. Publish the Circlepod Protocol platform Token (CPX) to drive the overall application incentive ecology, economic system, metaverse fuel, copyright and profit sharing, and DAO governance.
  2. Applications that share metadata with blockchain.
    1. Log in only once, all other applications do not need to log in separately, and the user's identity, data, and assets are all recorded on the blockchain address.
    1. The assets and data generated by Circlepod Protocol can be provided to other users.
    1. Searching for user portraits through on-chain data analysis, targeted search for seed users, and coordinated with accurate information push.
    1. Combined with other NFT applications, let its IP enter the Circlepod ecosystem through Protocol.
  3. With a DAO agreement, Podcaster, digital creators, and fans can all decide on joint decision-making rights regarding program governance, profit distribution, and changes to the agreement.

使命:鼓勵與加速全球數位內容創作領域的變革與發展 願景:讓每一份用心的創作內容都可以得到應有的價值

Circlepod 是一個全球化的應用,目標是打造媒體元宇宙生態,透過我們獨特的媒體協議引領玩家進入全新視界體驗。允許 Podcaster 與聽眾可以直接互動,並且直接取得報酬。我們鼓勵與加速全球數位內容創作領域的變革與發展,讓每一份用心的創作內容都可以得到應有的價值。創作更多的互動性與娛樂性。透過區塊鏈技術將粉絲與價值做連結,透過數據與 AI 創立良好的版權與訂閱生態圈。

我們以 Podcast 出發,是因為我們認為聲音是目前最容易創造出沈浸式體驗的入口。透過我們多年的設計經驗的 UI/UX 設計,使得更多不是資深幣圈玩家也可以深入其中。我們希望在我們的應用中創造創作生態圈,透過區塊鏈使得創作的價值得以展現。最後再加上我們原創內容,去完成整個媒體元宇宙協議的閉環。人們在其中可以體驗到不同的人生經驗,感受到心流與新事物的興奮。

  1. 發行 Circlepod Protocol平台 Token(CPX),驅動整體應用的激勵生態、經濟體系、元宇宙燃料、版權與分潤以及 DAO 平台治理。
  2. 與區塊鏈共享元數據的應用。  只進行一次登入,其他所有應用不需要再單獨登入,用戶的身份、數據、資產全部記錄在區塊鏈地址上  Circlepod Protocol 產生的資產以及數據可以提供給其他用戶  透過鏈上數據分析尋找用戶畫像,有針對性的尋找種子用戶,配合精準資訊推送。  結合其他 NFT 應用,透過 Protocol 的讓其 IP 可以進入 Circlepod 生態
  3. 擁有一個 DAO 協議,Podcaster、數位創作者與粉絲都可以決定關於節目治理、利潤分配以及更改協議的共同決策權。

? APP: https://staging-launch.circlepod.app ?: NFT Marketplace: https://nfts.circlepod.app ? Discord: https://discord.com/invite/D2pNA2e6Dw ? Twitter: https://twitter.com/CirclepodP ? Tutorial & Docs: https://docs.circlepod.app ? Telegram: https://t.me/circlepod ? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/circlepodp/ ? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CirclepodP ? Linktree: https://linktr.ee/CirclePod