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Spherium Finance
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We want to bring DeFi to masses, by making it more user friendly and ALL in One. We are buidling Mobile First Cross Chain Interoperable DeFi Platform which has multiple DeFi products, available in one place. And it is cross chain interoperable(built on BSC and Ethereum, will add Polygon Layer 2 in some time). Plus it will be available on Mobile as well as PC.

Spherium Finance is Mobile-first, cross-chain wallet which optimises return on crypto assets while minimising risks. It is built on Binance Smart Chain and will move to Layer 2 solution Polygon, so the transaction costs reduce and scalability increases. Plus users will not be bound by one chain. Any project listing on Spherium Platform, will get a bridge to transfer their assets across Blockchains, hence, the tokens will not be tied to one Chain. Also, users will be able to stake, lend, borrow and swap on one platform, thus increasing the utility of native token and the platform, for users.

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  • Blockchain Hackathon @Southeast Asia

    Closed  · 2021/03/24 21:26 - 2021/05/30 12:00
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