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Lend to earn, borrow with less

Apricot aspires to be the go-to platform for decentralized financial solutions in the thriving Solana ecosystem. The project will launch initially with an over-collateralized loan protocol that differentiates itself by giving borrowers best-in-class borrowing power and low liquidation penalties with high predictability in outcome. As the platform expands, Apricot may tap into the concept of securitization in traditional finance to help manage a bad debt collateral pool accumulated through Apricot's 2-hour liquidation guarantee program. Apricot also plans to launch a rich set of related products in near future, such as orderbook-based fixed rate loans, customizable financial derivatives, template-based high frequency operations, low-to-no collateral loans, etc., to accommodate a wide range of user needs.

Team Information

Ace has 7 years of entrepreneurial experience in tech and finance startups. Before Apricot, he co-founded Ponton Coin trading and brokerage platform, leveraging his prior experiences at Accenture as a tech consultant and Ever-growing bank as a custody analyst.

Cecilia brings years of practical experience in traditional finance, working previously as an investment banker and an investor in special situations/alternative credit in New York. She embraced DeFi in 2020 and has since become a true believer in its power and potential to disrupt and reshape today’s financial markets.

Yaniv brings many years of infrastructure development experience to Apricot. Before joining the team, he worked as a core developer at one of the world's largest high frequency trading shops (HFTs). He also has relevant experience developing compiler infrastructure for graphical processor units.

Dr. Gou has been involved in several successful DEFI projects and was the brain behind several lending, collateral, and derivatives trading models for these projects. He has deep research experience and strong academic background in economics and finance.

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