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Francium Protocol
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Francium is an innovative leveraged yield aggregator based on diverse community strategies. The vision of Francium is to help users to easily benefit from DeFi ecosystem.

Francium: an Innovative Leveraged Yield Aggregator with Diverse Community Strategies based on Solana.


  1. Continuous High Yield from Excellent Strategies and Leveraged Yield strategy Incubation Mechanism in Francium offers generous incentives and easy-to-use & visual strategy development toolbox for strategy contributors to continuously bring high APY strategies to users.

  2. Best Yield Adaptation for Different Preferences Users who prefer moderate yield targets can deposit their asset to the funding pool to bear interests, while those who want to earn more can leverage their yield strategies in Francium.

  3. Full Community Governance The Community has full control over protocol management including product updates, parameter changes, etc. And users can vote to mark strategies as selected ones for a broad simple choice.

  4. Creatively bonding NFT to each Yield Strategy Each strategy will be bonded to an NFT to incentivize more community strategies. NFT holders can gain free returns from the corresponding strategy and can trade on strategy markets.

Team Information

Francium team has rich R&D experience in blockchain.

Team members are from:

  1. Well-known blockchain company in Asia.
  2. Top-tier Internet enterprises.
  3. Fortune 500 FinTech company.
  4. All from prestigious university
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